Hopelessness and Hostility Cause Heart Disease

New survey links negative thinking with the world’s number one killer

The World Health Organisation shows that heart disease is the number one killer on the planet. Yet the biggest cause of heart disease could actually be your own mind. Clinical tests determine that negative thoughts can have an adverse impact on your health and increases the risk of heart disease, and it all stems from feeling hopeless.

indexThe majority of people do not realise the human mind is programmed – and in many cases the negative programming is holding you back. Everything you experience in life becomes a part of your psychological makeup and perception of the world. This programming has a major influence in the ways you act, feel and think. The problem is, your mind is often downloaded with negative ideas.

Studies into thought patterns discovered the average human will have approximately 65,000 thoughts a day – and 95 per cent of them are the same thoughts as the previous day. We think a lot of the same ideas, thought and memories. The troubling statistic however is that 77 per cent of our thoughts in any one day are negative.

The problem with negative thinking

Ancient man realised thousands of years ago that your mental state has a profound effect on the physical body and the spiritual self. They dedicated much of their lives to being silent and acting from instinct.

Our ancestors came face to face with wild predators and had to stay alert, positive and confident. They discovered they could program their mind, body and soul to do this through meditation and positive thinking. In ancient cultures, there was a constant reminder of archetypes that helped people connect with body, mind and soul.

The marvel of modern science is now rediscovering what ancient texts tell us; negative thinking causes a decline of physical energy and is credited with developing sickness. Negative thinking has been linked to chronic aches and pains, rashes, and even death.

How do you know if you think negatively?

Most of the time you are thinking, you will not recognise that it is actually a negative thought. Because your mind is programmed that way from being a child, it simply feels natural. So how can you be sure you are a positive thinker?

Doctors say negative thinking causes symptoms such as stress, depression, anger, hate, guilt, jealousy and other avoidable conditions. Violent behaviour, drink, drugs, smoking, over eating or some other addiction are common characteristics. However, they can also be caused from personal experiences or influenced by others through verbal suggestion.

Studies in clinical testing showed the Nocebo effect works in the same way as it’s opposite, the famous Placebo. The conclusion is that adverse health can be generated by negative influences in our thought patterns. Even if the experience does not affect you at the time, a suppressed feeling can be even more damaging.

The root of the problem

Two of the recurring features found during studies is that hostility and hopelessness are often at the root of a person’s negative attitude. In one study, it was found that the feeling of hopelessness doubled your risk of heart disease.

kickingcopperHeart disease used to be attributed to highly-strung characters with an over-charged personality. People that behave in this way are overcompensating for their feelings of insecurity, but by suppressing anxiety give themselves a heart-attack. The latest research however, shows the main root of heart problems comes from hostility which has an adverse effect on your biological makeup.

In the 1970’s, Dick Sutphen, a reputable metaphysicist, concluded that all negativity stems from fear; fear of failure, fear of not being accepted, fear the world will end. Whatever, the reason, the instrumental factor is that negative programming in the mind causes negative experiences in your life and effects everything from your relationships, work, money and health.

Overcoming negative thinking is a process that will take time, but is possible through use of certain techniques. There are many different types of meditation you can practice, and courses or tapes you can try, but the first thing you have to do is learn to recognise when you have a negative thought or action and stop yourself. Also turn off the TV and stop reading the newspaper; both are designed to make negatively program your mind.

Remember, your thoughts do not only affect your actions and emotions, but also your health. If you are hostile or hate a lot of things about your life and in the world in general, start looking at ways of correcting them and looking for peace in your life. It is possible to cure even terminal illnesses by thinking positively and having belief you can change your life for the better.

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