Split Personality: Exploring Alternate Dimensions

The idea of parallel universes is a complicated hypothesis that cannot be proven until you experience it first-hand. Personally I have not, but have met several people who claim to have had profound experiences in alternate dimensions.

Having interviewed several such individuals, I have no reason to doubt what they told me is true. You can generally sense when someone is not speaking the truth as their voice and demeanour give an indication they are spinning a tale. During my encounters I did not detect any wool over my eyes.

It would seem then that parallel universes are real and through meditation and astral projection, inter-dimensional travel is indeed possible. Oddly enough, modern day physicist are alluding to the same thing – at least that parallel universes exist.

Scientific discoveries

Brian Greene, author of The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos says if the Universe is infinite, then matter will arrange itself in repetitive patterns. In doing so, infinite parallel universes will co-exist alongside ours. Greene has been something of a pioneer into the concept of spiritual worlds, but there are few scientific facts for him to persuade his peers.

However, in 2012, researchers from the University of Bonn split an atom in two and put it back together again. This discovery may change the way mainstream scientist perceive reality.

What the Bonn discovery proves is that laws of quantum mechanics allow objects to exist in several states simultaneously. Lead author of the experiment, Andreas Steffen explained: “The atom has kind of a split personality, half of it is to the right, and half to the left, and yet, it is still whole.”

Thomas Young first alluded to this theory in 1801, when he performed the now famous double-slit experiment. The results determined matter and energy display two characteristics, particles and waves. The principle is known as wave-particle duality. If you are not familiar with the double-slit experiment, watch the video below before you read on.

Many Worlds, Many Minds

Confused? So are physicists! Richard Feynman describes the double-slit phenomenon as “impossible to explain in any classical way.” Theories will obviously be divided, but the overriding principles of the experiment is that matter and energy – in this case electrons and photons – can exist in multiple places and in multiple states.

Renowned physicist, Hugh Everett determined that the Universe can potentially split into separate parts when he came up with his “Many Worlds” theory. In this theory, Everett determines that the mind has the capability to branch into different paths therefore determining different outcomes.

In 1970, the Many World idea was extended by Professor Emeritus, Heinz-Dieter Zeh to suggest mankind possesses a multi-consciousness. The German Physicist spawned the idea that our brains operate through patterns of switching. In 1988, this idea was coined the Many Minds Theory.

In principle, the Many Minds theory looks at the consequences of Everett’s Many Worlds theory from the point of the mind and determines that the multiverse does not change, but rather our perception of the universe changes. However, this can only happen if you are aware of quantum interaction.

Meditation and astral projection

When I meditate I feel the sensation of my body dividing as though I am co-existing on multiple levels yet whole at the same time. What I mean by this is that I can still sense my physical body in the material world you and I are familiar with, but at the same time I sense my physical body has multiplied and is lying either side of my body on the bed. The number of bodies I sense in my mind is infinite.

Although I have not reached the level where I can transcend through levels of consciousness to explore alternate dimensions, I sense they are there. Other people tell me they are there. And the laws of quantum mechanics say they are there. The suggestion then is that our conscious mind has infinite potential because consciousness defines how matter and energy manifest.

There is evidence to illustrate that through the practice of astral projection you have the tools to experience alternative dimensions. In his book, Astral Dynamics, Robert Bruce receives peer tested praise to confirm that his techniques work and that astral projection (out of body experiences) is possible. In which case parallel universes do exist and we are experiencing consciousness on multiple levels. Everett believed we are immortal.

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