The Mysteries of Cumbe Mayo

An Ancient World That Defies History

Alien drawings?
Alien drawings?

Cumbe Mayo near Cajamarca in the north of Peru is yet another mystery left by an ancient Andean civilisation. Bizarre alien-like writing etched on a cave wall, a pathway cut through a rock and 2000-year old canals cut to 90 degree angles all remain a mystery to archaeologists and historians. How did the ancients achieve this?

Tours for the Cumbe Mayo tourist attraction leave from the around the main plaza in Cajamarca and take half an hour to get up the hill. Hordes of tourists cram into the buses, but they all stop half way to give you chance to take photographs of a not so impressive view of the city. I thought “sod that” and flagged down a taxi. He wanted 50 soles just to take me. I told him to %£$& off and flagged down another. This one wanted 70 soles. I thought “bugger!”

“Do you want to go to Cumbe Mayo?” a young man asked. “You can come with me and my girlfriend. We have a taxi for 60 soles, 20 each.” Bonus.

Oscar and Yessica are a young, attractive couple from Lima, tanned and friendly. Yessica doesn’t speak any English, but Oscar knows enough for us to have a conversation. He translated for Yessica and together we had a good laugh. They turned out to be great company.

At the entrance of Cumbe Mayo is a huge rock and small Peruvian girls in traditional dresses. The dark-skinned children look up to us with woeful eyes and beg for money in pitiful voices. One of them tried to take my pen. “Yessica told them I needed it and the girl looked at me solemnly.” I give her five soles. She still looks woeful.

Meditation chambers

Meditation chamber, Cumbe Mayo, PeruThe rock has a chute carved through the middle spanning top to bottom. It looks exactly like the one I had seen at the Gateway of the Gods in Peurta de Huaya Marca, Puno.

Visitors were clambering into it to have their photographs taken, probably unaware the ancients used these grooves to meditate. The energy from the rocks would have created stronger visions and helped them transcend into a higher dimension of consciousness.

I didn’t have time to meditate to test for energy in the rock, but didn’t feel any from elsewhere around the site. Just as I had found at Machu Picchu, I suspect the energy has been sapped.

Next to the portal is a small cave-like hole in the side of the rock. It is fenced off so that people cannot get close and add their own graffiti to the dozens of strange hieroglyphs carved into the rock.

To date, nobody has deciphered what the symbols mean, and upon examination they are nothing quite like anything I have seen before. You might say they are alien – though in reality are probably eons of years old written in a long-ago dead language that existed thousands of years before our historic records began.

Rock with ancient carvings
These carvings appear to be exceptionally old – probably prehistoric

We queue for half an hour to squeeze through a tunnel cut into the rock. The path is small, tight and so dark you can’t see the person in front of you, or where you are putting your feet. When I pop out the other side I am greeted with beautiful scenery of open fields and more strange rock formations in the near-distance.

We walk for a while, navigating grassy slopes and jumping off in the bowels of sloping cliff faces. We take photographs and admire the view looking down into a shallow canyon.

Part of the fun is working out the best route to navigate our way across the rugged terrain. The more Laser Cut Canals (2)adventurous – or perhaps reckless – come undone and had to turn back. One has to wonder whether this was an intentionally designed route by the ancient culture that lived here.

Space-Age Engineering

We eventually arrive at the canals – one of the greatest mysteries in the world. The precision cut channels are cut to 90 degree angles and in parts have been cut straight through the mountain rock.

Cumbe Mayo is actually the Quechua for “well-made canals”. Given they stretch for 9km and were (allegedly) built around 2000 years ago, well-made is perhaps an understatement.

Although the canal walls have eroded with time, archaeologists have been able to determine that when they were made they would have been cut at perfect right angles.

To this day nobody knows how the ancients were even able to groove the waterway never mind construct them to such accurate 90 degree angles.

Some theorists argue the canals can only have been cut using lasers. Take a look at the image below and you can see that some type of machinery must have been used to get such sharp edges on the stone. This is not natural rock erosion.

Machine-cut stones?
Machine-cut stones?

The precision engineering evident along the canals at Cumbe Mayo raises an interesting question as to whether there was an advanced civilisation before the history books tell us, or whether Erick von Daniken and other alien astronaut theorists are correct.

As we follow the path along the edges of the canal, a mist creeps across the fields and clings to the rock face. The temperature drops to a cool chill and the ambiance is eerie and mystical. I find it strange that in the entire area, on a warm, sunny day, this is the only spot where there is mist.

Another mystery of Cumbe Mayo and Peru that cannot be explained.

You can read more about the mysterious history of the ancient Andeans in Journeys To Ancient Worlds: What Modern Man Can Learn From Ancient Civilisations. Featuring fascinating information tour guides don’t tell you, this book is essential reading for travellers throughout South America.

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