A Reason To Believe In The Healing Power Of Love

An Interview with Mick Macguire

I have an open mind, but find some things hard to believe unless I have first-hand experience. Faith healing is one of those areas that I want to believe in but have my doubts – until recently.

In my book, Journey’s To Ancient Worlds: What Modern Man Can Learn From Ancient Civilisations, I interviewed Ray H Crist, a man who in 2002 had been diagnosed with cancer and was given six months to live. Ten years after his diagnoses, Ray was sitting with me smoking a spliff and telling me the story how he survived.

faith healingWhat Ray told me was, he changed his lifestyle from being hedonistic and narcissistic to loving everyone and everything. Rather than suffer with chemotherapy, immediately after Ray had been diagnosed with terminal cancer he sold his house and business and went to live in the mountains of Thailand where he learned to open his heart and learned how to love.

What Ray now understands is that love can cure. I was not convinced until Mick Macguire showed me the same thing.

Mick is a faith healer. In his own words, he used to be “rogue”. The day I met him he had been invited to dinner with the most Holy man in India, described as a “living day saint”. This does not happen if you are a rogue. How things change!

The healer man

Raised and christened a Catholic, Mick and an unswaying faith in God. That is until he left the army. “I had completely lost my faith,” he tells me. “I couldn’t understand why bad people in life seemed to be coming out better than the good people.”

By this time, Mick was married with two children, and although he loved his family dearly, he would leave them at home at night whilst he trawled bars and clubs, gambling and drinking. Something was missing from his life and he had completely lost direction until one day he felt the urge to go to a spiritual church.

Dressed in his usual attire, leather bikers gear, he sat down and listened to what people had to say in the church. When he became the focus of attention, he was told him he had healing powers. He didn’t believe it. “If people want healing they can go to better people than me. I’m a rogue,” he said. “God does not come to somebody like me.”

Curious about the things he had been told in the Spiritual Church, Mick went to see a fortune teller. She told him he was going to be the next Harry Edwards, a world-renowned spiritual healer from the UK between 1036 until his death in 1976. As fate would have it, Harry Edwards was performing in Sheffield so Mick went to watch. He was inspired to heal.

His first miracle was his own grandma. At 80 years old she was dying. Mick asked her if she wanted to be well again. She said she did so he fed her soup and left. A couple of days later he visited his grandma to see how she was. His grandmother answered the front door and larger than life said, “Come in Mick, I’m just baking.” She lived another eight years.

Spiritual journey

Mick became a faith healer 40 years ago. In that time he has cured everything from cancer, mental conditions, leukaemia, back pains, arthritis and many other diseases that defy western science. “One guy came to see me with an irreversible blood disorder,” Mick tells me. “The doctors said it could not be cured. But I cured it. The guy’s running his own business now, doing very well!”

It is miracles such as this that earned Mick the moniker, Healer Man, the title of his book. At the beginning of his journey, despite several early successes, Mick still had doubts about his gift and ultimately his future. During this period he had many visitations.

One of the most frightening experiences was during his initiation process with the spirits.

“There was one spirit” he recalls, “that I called the faceless one. He always dressed in a monk’s habit and would beckon me to follow him. One day he left me outside a room and told me to go inside. When I opened the door, there was a made deaf and dumb women with no arms and legs.”

The one thing Mick was afraid of at this time was mental women. This was a test and he knew he had to heal her.

“She was flailing on the floor and making these awful noises. I was pressed against the wall, saying no, I can’t do it. But then I fell to my knees and took this woman’s head in my hand, closed my eyes and forced all the love I had into her. After that, I wasn’t afraid of mental patients.”

Psychic ability

It is not just healing Mick can do. On one occasion a woman came to him and asked if he could find out the cause of her father’s death. Ted had accidently knocked over an old woman and killed her. The police found his brakes were faulty and prosecuted him for manslaughter. Ted threw himself down a pit shaft at the mine where he worked.

psychic touchMick found him in the spirit world, but he could not reach him. Ted had wanted to kill his soul, but you cannot kill a soul. Mick knew the only person that could help was the old lady so he summonsed her. She came and forgave Ted, allowing him to pass to the other side.

On another occasion, a young woman came to Mick and asked him to check out her new boyfriend. As soon as Mick met the man he was confronted with a shocking vision. This man was going to kill the young woman and her grandmother. It was the colours in the killer’s aura that was the first signal.

“Quite often you see an aura in people. Dark auras are bad people, whereas bright colours that blend with one another are good people,” Mick explains. “Everything you do in life manifests as a colour in your aura so that when you die the spirits can see what you have done during your lifetime on Earth. However it is possible to redeem yourself whether on this physical plane or in the spiritual plane.”

It turned out the boyfriend of the young woman had chopped his grandfather to pieces and was being treated in the psychiatric ward of Rampton hospital, a mental hospital for the criminally insane.

The oneness and the truth

The longer you walk along the spiritual pathway, the more you use all your senses. It is not just clairvoyance, the ability to see psychic vision in your mind, we also have four other intuitive gifts; clairaudience, the ability to receive messages audibly in your mind; clairsentience, a clear feeling of somebody else’s (or an animals) emotions; claircognizance, an answer to something you know to be true; and clairgustance, the ability to pick up a smell from the spirit world.

Everybody is born with these intuitive gifts. You do not have to be somebody special to be a healer. Mick was an ordinary man with a gift he was told to use and was ultimately taught how to heal with his love. The Greek playwright Euripedes wrote: “In each of us is a God.” We can all perform miracles. Scientists today are beginning to learn the same thing through the understanding of quantum physics, although they are not sure how to explain the phenomenon.

“You are your own God,” Mick says, “part of the Universe, and your soul is part of the Universal power making your way back to oneness. There is a spiritual law that says your soul knows everything, but when you are born into the physical body you lose all that knowledge,” Mick explains. “The human body is merely a vehicle and during our lifetime we forget the knowledge of the spirits. But it’s still there and can be tapped into.”

“How do you find it?”

“You need to want to believe. Once you believe and open the door you will know your power. However, it does take some doing. It is a challenge. If you are looking for spirit, don’t ask, demand.”

love thoughts and prayersMick’s book, Healer Man has saved people lives, opened up doorways to spiritual gateways and inspired people with ailments to seek help from faith healers. Today, it’s difficult to get a hold of the copy because nobody wants to read about a spiritual healer – another example of how we are becoming disconnected with ourselves and the real world around us.

I began this article saying I cannot believe in faith healers 100% unless I have first-hand experience. After speaking with Mick, I had no reason to believe that everything he told me was not true. But the same lingering doubts I always have remained.

That was until two weeks later when I received an email from my sister, Michelle. Two years ago, her friend, Mandy was diagnosed with leukaemia lymphoma on the lung and told there was nothing they could do for her. Mandy struggled through chemotherapy and had good days, but mostly bad.

My sister was getting really worried and scared of losing her friend so suggested she took Mandy to see Mick. So she did. Several weeks after seeing Mick, Mandy attended her usual appointment at the hospital and found that the lymphoma had disappeared. Mick told my sister he had used her love to cure Mandy. My sister does have a lot of love to give. Now I believe 100% in the power love has to cure illness.

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