The Alchemical Meaning of the Number One

Leafy park path in autumnIf you repeatedly see numbers and symbols on a regular basis over a short space of time (say like a week), the chances are the universe is trying to tell you something. The mysterious forces of nature communicates to us. The number one is the primordial force, the beginning of creation. Without the one, nothing can exist. Therefore, if you keep seeing the number one around the time you have a new idea, it is likely to be the first stirring of creation. The one is considered to be pure, positive and strong-willed. It also promises that pursuits will be rewarded. So develop your idea, pursue the path, see what happens. The positive and negative of one

Symbols have positive and negative energies. Your actions dictate the outcome and the one does not separate right from wrong, but will manifest whatever energy you put in – more of which is found in the number two.

Hermetic mystery schools taught “Know thyself.” The same message is carved into the walls of the temple in Delphi where the famous Oracle resided.

In all religious and spiritual belief systems around the world, one is connected with the godhead, the essence of “I”. In Hebrew, the one is regarded as hidden intelligence and The Lord Most High.The ancient word for Lord is law – or more precisely the law of nature.

In his book, “The Power of the Subconscious Mind,” Dr Joseph Murphy explains that it is our sub-conscious that creates our experiences, therefore, how we think and act determines what manifests in our lives.

Therefore, you have power and control over your own destiny. If you want to make something manifest in your life, cease your ideas and put them into action. When you repeatedly see the number one, this is a sign that you should act upon your ideas.

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