The Alchemical Meaning of Two in Esoteric Symbolism

Reflection of concert hall in water, Valencia
As Above, So Below

The two comes from one plus one, and is therefore a reflection of the self. At the deepest level of meaning, the two represents the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, together with the light and dark side of your character.

Ancient cultures were aware of this duality in people. Indeed they knew duality existed in everything from the smallest sub-atomic particles to the vastness of the Cosmos. Nothing can exist without a reflection or alternative outcome. In terms of the polarity in humans, it is up to you as an individual to control your dual natures and do only that which is good.

Natural law dictates there are three stages to manifestation; thought, emotion and action. The number two is the union of thoughts and emotion. If you want something enough, act upon your desires to make them manifest.

Whereas the one is putting thoughts into action, the number two is a signal to start planning. The two represents male and female energies that bring about balance and can sometimes call for us to make a choice as we see in the card of the lovers in the Tarot – a card with astrological meanings relating to the house of Gemini.

The number Two also symbolises the need for kindness and tact. It may appear to you when exchanging deals in partnerships whereby communication is key. The symbol may be telling you to exert your natural flow of judgment to do what is best for your soul.

As Above, So Below

The Universe is a mass of energy – and so are you. It stands to reason therefore that you can tap into that energy. Ancient cultures all over the world have known this for thousands of years and today science is exploring the idea to find physical evidence to explain how it works.

The ancient mystery schools say we are one with the Universe and can access whatever information we need by learning how to connect with the Higher Self – a sub-consciousness that is the polar opposite of our base consciousness. It is written in the Kybalion that “he who grasps the truth of the mental nature of the Universe is well advanced on the path of mastery.”

The idea is described, as above, so below in Hermetic writings, meaning the energy you project into the Universe will return as a manifestation in the material world. Therefore, we must pay attention to our thoughts, emotions and actions as a combination of the three will manifest in your life.

If the number two keeps showing itself to you, consider pursuing your ideas further, start planning and put your ideas into action. You should also take note of your thoughts and emotions. At other times, the two may be a reminder for you to be thoughtful and sensitive towards others.

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