The Hermetic Principle of the Number Three

Three oars on Roman scultpure
3 – the number of manifestation

The three is one of the most important numbers in ancient symbolism as it represents completion, or to create something in the physical realm. The three is therefore known as the number of manifestation, the product of the male energy we find in the number one and the female energy in the two.

Three features predominantly in esoteric symbolism and is the number to which the expression “all” was given, as every other single digit number is derived from the three. Religions and other ancient traditions like hermetic mystery schools place great importance on the Trinity, or triad. Some researchers believe the power of the three is why ancient civilisations built pyramids.

The power of the three is universal in nature and represents heaven, earth and water. It is the body, mind and soul of humans and our experience of birth, life and death, past, present and future, beginning, middle and end. The three is the final act of the laws of nature which determine what manifest in your life; thoughts, emotion and action.

Ancient symbolism

In ancient symbolism the three consistently represents the soul and is often coupled with the four which represents the body and mind. Together they bring about the magical number of the heavenly seven. When three and four are multiplied together they equal 12 – the houses of the zodiac and months in the annual cycle.

Scientists have discovered the astral body stays connected to the physical body three days after death after which time the brain fails and completely shuts down.

When reoccurring threes enter your life, it is an indication that a cycle of manifestation has occurred and a new cycle is about to begin. If the manifestation is not what you desired, approach the goal in a different way, therefore the three is a sign to express yourself creatively or plan future goals in relation to past experiences.

A positive three assures success whilst a negative three leads to failure. Therefore, if you do not act upon consecutive threes and manifest the powerful energy within them, the things you desire most in life will not manifest.

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