The Symbolic Meaning of the Number Four

Andean Cross represented in blocks of fourThe four is another highly predominant number that consistently reveals itself in ancient symbolism. It represents stability, the body, and the illusion of time – the 4th dimension.

The scared number is typically epitomised in squares (and cubes) together with the cross which refers to the four cardinal points, the four elements, four quarters of the earth, four seasons and the four winds from which the one spirit is said to originate.

There are four emotional states of the body; physical, emotional, sensation and spiritual, four states of matter; gas, liquid, solid and plasma, and four forces of nature that bind matter together; strong, weak, gravity and magnetic electricity.

The four in religious symbolism

The four in religion identifies solid foundations and the human psyche, the cornerstones required to manifest things in your life. It is said in Christianity that there are four pillars that support heaven. There is a significant focus on the need for work and productivity. The square also represents the earth in Chinese symbolism.

In other eastern philosophies such as Buddhism, the principle of four represent compassion, affection, love and impartiality. Hindus also identify the four inner senses of the human psyche; mind (manas), intellect (buddhi), differentiating memories (chitta), and self-awareness (ahankara).

When you see the number four consistently revealing its energy, it indicates your guardians are with you to give you the inner strength you need to complete whatever tasks are necessary for you to complete the foundations of your goal.

This sometimes means you have to develop the mental strength to overcome the thoughts and actions of your habitual mind. However, look out for three fours. When you see the repetition of 444 you have nothing to fear.

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