The Spiritual Meaning of Number Seven

The number seven in alchemical thought may not be the pinnacle, but it is certainly the goal. It represents spiritual awareness and inner-wisdom that can bring forth extra-sensory power seen in the number 8.

7 painted on a step
Image credit: Pheobe Baker

The number seven is believed to resonate with vibration and energies picked up by our chakra system, hence why there are seven core energy centres in the human body. By activating and aligning your chakras, you come into perfect balance and reach enlightenment.

The seven is therefore recognised as the divine number and the power held within the seven can manifest things in your life by accessing the higher self through imagination, awareness and visualisation.

Seven in religions

In the Bible’s version of the creation story, the seventh day was when God rested and thus is a symbol of “completion or divine perfection”. In other words spiritual enlightenment.

Seven appears numerous times in the Bible, each time indicating the completion of a project. You can read more about sevens in the bible on

Hindu scriptures say there are seven dimensions of consciousness above the earth and seven below. In Hindu mythology the story of seven Rishas reference Pleiades, and ancient cultures in Latin America built their settlements to mirror the constellation in the sky on the ground. Pleiades is referred to as the seven sisters in astronomy circles.

It is uncertain why the ancient Maya and pre-Incan cultures of South America were so obsessed with the Pleiades, but whatever, the reason, the constellation and the number seven in general, was immensely important to them. You can read more about the esoteric meaning of the seven in Andean cultures here.

The number seven in Hermetic alchemy

The entire philosophy of Hermetic teachings are given in seven principles of truth. We find it reflected in the Tarot as the Chariot, indicating the initiate has to struggle with their desires to overcome weakness.

It is also associated with self-sacrifice, a concept that also features in other world religions. What this means therefore is that when the seven appears in your life you have to resist temptation and make sacrifices in order to bring in something new. The power of the seven represents changes for the better.

But like all numbers and symbols, the seven has a negative aspect. The duality is depression, inactivity and pessimism which leads to loneliness, stagnation and co-dependency.

The seventh stage does not necessarily have to be spiritual enlightenment, but an understanding of your true character. You can only transform into the seven by examining negative attributes of your character and adopting the seven steps of transformation as described in this article, “The Seven Stages of Alchemical Transformation.”

When the seven appears in your life, it is a sign that a goal or transformation is complete and, when positive, is the best you could have wished for. Do not be afraid to give up things in your life that do not serve you, because whilst ever you keep negative things in your life, you cannot make way for the positive things the seven can bring you.

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