The Esoteric Meaning of the Number Nine

ninecopyThe esoteric meaning of nine relates to the ultimate completion of a life cycle, after which the sequence of numbers reverts to zero as we find in gematria. The nine is the final dimension whereby divine energy manifests itself on the material world.

The nine therefore has a powerful spiritual meaning which in ancient China, meant “everything.” It is a combination of the trinity, the three worlds of initiation you pass through on any given path.

The Eleusinian mysteries, refer to the nine with a similar view, claiming that nine is the number of dimensions of consciousness we must pass through when we are born and when we die. Initiates in this secret of all mystery schools lead fulfilling lives and are not afraid of death.

Positive aspects coming from the nine are intellectual power, inventiveness, and influence. If you have cultivated any one of the three positive aspects, it is a time to celebrate the ultimate completion of a goal.

From a spiritual standpoint, it is also on this level that your energy will raise to a higher vibration, or slip into a lower vibration if the energy you put in was negative.

The nine therefore challenges us to recognise our attributes and teach them to others. One of your goals in life should be to offer your knowledge and be an influence to others.

The nine is ancient myth

The nine appears continuously in ancient myth, and almost always signifies the final end to something. Homer used it consistently in his writings; The Trojan War lasted nine years, Odysseus returned home after nine years of travelling, the nine days plague, nine feasts and the nine days for the flood to wash away the Achaean camp are among some of the others.

Madame Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society that helped bring a lot of esoteric information relating to ancient mystery schools to the public conscience said, the nine “is constantly reproduced in all aspects and at all times total. The nine is the sign a cycle is complete.

Blavatsky also showed the negative side of the nine; it can be bad as well as good. Manly P. Hall also associated the number with errors and shortcomings.

The nine therefore represents the final end of a cycle of life, project or event which ultimately manifests in reality to take into the next phase. Whether the results of the nine are good and bad will depend on whether the energy you put in is positive or negative.

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