The Esoteric Meaning of the Number Ten

10 = 1 + 0The number ten signifies the return to centre whereby a new cycle of life begins. In the Bible, the ten is associated with law and judgement – symbolised by the Ten Commandments which give man guidance to rights and wrongs.

But on a deeper level, the association with judgement relates to natural laws which ultimately manifest in life. The ten is essentially the result of previous thoughts, actions and emotions. Something happens.

So the ten is when creation manifests in your life, and a new cycle starts. This end and new beginning can be a physical manifestation in your life or a deeper understanding of the inner-self.

Because the 10 contains the energies of the number one and the zero, it is more powerful and vibrant than either of the single digits on their own. The severity or joy of the outcome depends on the energy transmitted in the earlier stages.

We find the number ten associated with the Wheel of Fortune in the tarot deck and in numerology the 10 also carries the element of luck. But this can be fortunate or unfortunate depending on the energy the individual adopted.

From a positive perspective, the ten augurs an air of confidence, optimism, creative power, success and the ability to adapt to your new circumstances. However, to benefit from the positive powers of the 10 you must show determination and leadership qualities – in other words take charge of your thoughts, emotions and actions.

The negative aspects of the ten personality

All numbers and symbols have a positive and negative outlook which are the opposite duality of the other. The negative ten therefore resembles an individual who is pessimistic, lacking confidence and unable to recognise their true power and potential.

Ultimately, negative manifestation leave a person unfilled and consistent failures can lead to self-righteousness and arrogance in order to cover up deep-seated frustrations.

If the goal you set out to achieve failed, or something bad manifests in your life, think about the actions and emotions you put into it. How have you been behaving lately? What energies did you transmit? You will probably find they were negative – thus resulting in a negative outcome.

If you are seeing the repetition of tens, the Universe is sending a signal that you have started a fresh cycle and are setting out along the path of the unknown as symbolised by the card of The Fool in the tarot.

This new start – especially if the manifestation is physical – may be a continuation of what you already know and you must choose whether to continue doing what you are doing, or if something problematic has manifested in your life you should take a look at where it might have gone wrong.

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