The Spiritual Meaning of The Number Eleven

ElevenBecause the 11 has two double digits of the same number, it is considered a master number in numerology and cannot be reduced to a single digit. It represents new beginnings like the number one, but as there are two ones, the 11 either brings in two new beginnings or doubles the strength of a fresh start.

Furthermore, the prime numbers vibrate at a higher level of frequency and give you more power, knowledge and understanding. The 11 can indicate you have reached a new level of awareness that has twice the strength of the one.

Your new adventures are pure, but by channelling ideas through your subconscious you will be blessed with illumination and rational thinking. You are sensitive to your goal which can manifest as nervous energy and worry.

And the eleven is the tender path between success and ruin.

Just remember you have moved up a rung in the ladder of life and have a right to be proud of your achievements. From here you have the potential for stability and personal growth and should you learn to control and trust in your higher conscious, you will encounter fewer conflicts.

Interestingly, in the Bible, the symbolism behind the 11 reflects disorder and chaos – focusing only on the negative aspects. Just saying.

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