The Esoteric Meaning of the Number 18

The number 18
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The number 18 is an ambiguous number associated with the Moon and the Hermit. The Moon is a symbol of mystery and intuition, whilst the Hermit indicates the initiate needs to take time out from distractions to contemplate the innerself.

In gematria the one and the eight are added together to make nine which indicates you are nearing the end of a life cycle that manifested with the 17. The 18 indicates you need to prepare for the next phase of your journey.

In numerology it is said that people born on the 18th suffer hardships growing up. This is not always the case, but given 18 is the combination of 6+6+6, it is easy to determine why the number 18 is associated with the base consciousness of the beast.

However, Norse mythology also indicates the number 18 has positive attributes if the initiate can master characteristics that open you to the laws of nature which manifest in creation.

So like the nine, if you see a repetition of 18 in your life, it is at this stage you should reflect on your thoughts, emotions and actions in the past to determine where you went wrong – or right, of course.

The meaning of The Moon in Tarot

We see this idea depicted more clearly in the 18th card of the tarot – The Moon. The card represents a stage of emotional growth when positive, otherwise initiates remain in the lower levels of emotional understanding when negative.

The Moon is a time of transformation which has not fully manifested into a new way of life. At this stage something has manifested in the number of the 17, but the 18 is the intermediate period when you decide how you will deal with your new circumstances.

In the Moon card, a crab is pictured emerging from the waters (of creation) with a long winding path leading into the distance. The crab is significant because it has pincers that help to protect itself from hostile elements and the path into the unknown suggests twists and turns lay ahead.

The initiate therefore knows there is potentially something better along the road ahead, but you do not know quite what the future holds. Like all journeys in life, you will confront obstacles, perils and triumphs. Let go of desire and expectation and let your heart lead the way.

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