The Symbolic Meaning of the Number 20

20 Euro note The number 20 is a universal number that encompasses all the energies of the planets and the cosmos. Fundamentally, it is a period of completion in which you must acquire patience and wait.

The German theologian and mystic, Jacob Boehme described the 20 as “belonging to the Devil”, but that being the case, the laws of duality dictates it is also the number belonging to God. The path you choose will determine the outcome of whether you experience Heaven or Hell.

If you choose the light, you will bide your time and engage in deep thought and analysis in order to make a balanced decision and an informed choice. Developing the gift of patience helps you to handle stress and anxiety whilst you wait.

On the negative side, the 20 warns not to be too hasty. Making rash decisions more often than not lead to the wrong choices, especially if you have a craving for companionship and security.

The Twenty in ancient wisdom

The twenty of course is two times the power of ten, which signals the end of a life cycle or spiritual progression and refers to law and judgement whereby the summing up of your past efforts will manifest in your life – what you sow is what you reap.

The same principles apply with the 20 and this idea is reinforced by the combination of numbers, the two meaning duality of events and the zero signalling a new beginning or rebirth.

The Maya reflected the idea of new cycles by having 20 days in a month, and the principle is reflected in Hindu philosophy with the reincarnation of Krishna. Devout initiates bow 20 times to statues of Krishna on a daily basis.

New beginnings and the waiting game also appear several times in the Bible. It took Solomon 20 years in total to build his Temple (7 years) and his home (13 years) before awarding his architect, Hiram Abif, twenty cities in Galilee as a reward for his great work. Seven and Thirteen are also highly significant numbers in terms of spiritual development.

Jacob worked 20 years as a slave for his father-in-law, Laban. The following year he was granted two wives and worldly possessions, 21 being the significant outcome of a Godly 20.

In Genesis 37.2, Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers for 20 sherkels. Twenty years later, after a seven year period of abundance, there is a seven year period of famine in which his brothers confess their guilt for their sins.

When you see the number twenty repeating itself, or you are drawn to the twenty, it is a signal to be patient and not rush into making any rash decisions. Doing so can lead to darkness and drought. Waiting will bring rewards of goodness and light.

4 thoughts on “The Symbolic Meaning of the Number 20”

    1. Hi Byron,

      If you are seeing 20’s, I hope this article has been of some use to you…just be patient and trust that you will make the right choice. Your higher self will send you more signs….best of luck with your new start!

  1. i have seen 20s off and on for 20 yrs. seems as tho some thing negitve happens with a person close to me and then they stop for awhile.. the number 20 has crossed my path just today 10 x probbably at least

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