The Esoteric Meaning of the Number 22

22 in bright red lights22 is a number you want to see recurring in your life. It is a master number of creation, the unseen architect that builds everyday ideals into your reality.

If you are not already seeing the number 22, or a sequence of these numbers such as 2.22, or £22.22, it is something you should strive for. You will not notice the two two’s until you have passed through the one-one stage though.

The number twenty-two is symbolised by a cube or square which in turn represent the earth, the physical plane. It also represents the foundations that have been built during earlier stages. And so the 22 is connected with manifestation at the end of a cycle.

Because it carries a double number, 22 is twice as strong as two and reinforces the master number 11. There is the implication of balance – all that is manifest has been created in reality by your thoughts, emotions and actions. Call it your karma, if you like.

On a positive scale, the vision is complete and success has been achieved, you can safely pass to the next level of ambition or continue as you are. The master numbers are also affirmations you are on the right or wrong track and all is going according to the grand plan of the master architect.

People who see the 22 more often are those that are aware of their spiritual nature. Seeing the twos is an indication that your psychic powers are getting stronger, you have increased sensitivity to energy and a closer connection with people.

It is also likely that you have developed your personality and intelligence to a point where you are bristling with charisma and confidence and have no fear.

The 22 then can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality. But it has double standards. As much as numbers can represent positive outcomes, they can also be equally negative.

Initiates that abide by natural laws are rewarded with great success, but those that do not honour their true nature suffer a downfall.

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