The Meanings of Esoteric Symbolism in Valencia Cathedral

Valencia cathedralOnce you understand the meanings of esoteric symbolism, churches, cathedrals and temples make much more sense. It also makes tourist attractions more fun to visit – despite the tourists!

Valencia Cathedral in the Placa de l’Almoina, is a prime example. Most people come here to see a shiny chalice behind a Perspex case. The chalice is alleged to be the mysterious Holy Grail. You can barely see it for the light bouncing off the Perspex.

The alternative highlight is St. Vincent’s severed arm if you like a bit of gore. The audio doesn’t tell a very interesting story though. Nor am I convinced the arm is a real-life artefact either.

What I do know is real are the secret messages left in stone and artwork through the use of hermetic symbolism. Geometric shapes and sacred numbers have been coded and adopted by stonemasons responsible for building sacred temples like Valencia Cathedral. Here’s what they mean!

Latin Cross

The ground plan of Valencia cathedral is built to resemble the Latin Cross, a deeply symbolic Christian symbol that was adopted by the Catholic Church as their principle symbol sometime around the 4th Century.

Aerial view of Valencia Cathedral shows Latin CrossBut the cross has its origins in remote antiquity. It is known to have been used in Babylonia as the symbol of Tammuz, a forerunner for the symbol of Jesus Christ – despite what some Christians believe.

The cross was a pagan symbol and although it was used by the church in the early days of Christianity, the cross was depicted with a snake wrapped around the centre shaft. This represents kundalini energy. But even without the snake the Latin Cross is associated with Kundalini sex magic.

It is likely that the modern day Christian Cross originated from the ancient Celts of northern Europe. The oldest known Celtic Cross was found in Ireland and dates back some 5000 years. The Celts were sun worshippers and Christianity adopted some of their symbols to help the transition from worshipping the sun to worshipping the son.

The Cross also represents the four elements. The circle on the Celtic Cross and the Egyptian Ankh is the sun or the spirit. So the church removed kundalini sex magic and spirit from their principle symbol, but the meanings have not been lost, just places elsewhere. For example, the fifth element of Spirit reappears with Christ on the cross.

The symbol of the Latin Cross atop Valencia Church therefore represents the earthly four elements, and the mysterious element of the Holy Spirit we also find in the Trinity. You can learn more about what the four elements mean in this article.

Star of David

The mystery behind the origins of the Star of David are as curious as its use in recent history.

Star of David stain glass window, Valencia CathedralThe symbol is synonymous with Jewish tradition. Israel adopted the star as their symbol in 1345, much to the chagrin of Muslims. Needless to say they are still arguing who has rights to its origins. Both agree however, that the symbol has its roots in the House of David in the ninth century BCE.

Since the 17th Century, the star has been used to identify Jews by the authorities. First it was their houses, then Jews themselves. This race of peoples have suffered many persecutions throughout their history, culminating in the horrific holocaust in the 20th Century.

The geometric name for the Star of David is of course the hexagram which has a deeper spiritual meaning. Kabbalists say it symbolises God’s complete rule over the universe.

The two triangles that form the star represent the male and female aspects of mankind. When they join together, they bring balance. The hexagram in general represents duality, but also higher consciousness. The points of the star represent six of the chakras and the hexagram in the centre is your soul-consciousness.

The Star of David is therefore a reminder to be master of your mind so that it is in perfect balance between the left and right which leads to a better understanding of things you need to know to bring success into your life.

Mary Madonna and oval

One of the most striking images in Valencia Cathedral is the Mary Madonna stain glass window encased in an oval, the shape of an egg symbolising the birth of creation.

Mother Mary oval stain glass window, Valencia CathedralMary is the divine feminine of the Holy Bible who symbolises several things including the heart. Her stance and other symbolism reflect she represents love in this instance. She is often depicted with roses, representing love (pink), white (purity) and red (desire).

You will notice in this image however, the men are reaching out toward white lilies, indicating purity of heart. In Greek mythology, the milk that spilled from the mouth of Hercules and fell to earth turned to lilies.

The Lily then tells us that to develop the strength we need to overcome obstacles and create what we desire in life must be conjured through the purity of heart – which is unconditional love of everything and anything.

The beaming sun behind her head represents she is illuminated, meaning when you reach the same level of consciousness as the divine feminine you know the answer to all life’s dilemmas. You will also notice the rays over the heads of the six angelic women and eight saintly men also symbolises enlightenment.

The angels and saints represent the other aspects, or characters of our personality, which in this form depicts mastery over the dark passenger. Including Mary, there are seven females (the seven representing the divine feminine) and eight men (eight being the number of higher conscious or God who is seen in Christianity as the male principle).

Let’s not forget that all these characters are encased in the oval egg of creation. The Sanskrit word Tattva meaning principle, reality and truth involves a combination of five shapes which correspond to the five elements of earth, air, water, fire and spirit. The fifth element, spirit, is symbolised by an oval egg.

All-Seeing eye

The all-seeing eye is one of the most commonly talked about symbols on the net thanks to its appearance on the back of the US $1 bill. Among conspiracy theorists is associated with the evils of the Freemasonic illuminati.

3rd eye symbolism, Valencia CathedralWhat the eye actually represents is inner-understanding and higher knowledge. It relates the same meaning as third eye symbolism in the ancient Vedic texts. Balancing the ‘Middle Pillar’ energy centres and opening the third eye chakra went on to inspire later eastern philosophies that are taking hold with spiritual seekers from the west looking for something other than Christianity – even though both religions carry the same core message. Find your core.

The all-seeing eye symbolism can be traced back to Egypt as the ‘eye of Horus’. The iconography was later adopted by the Christian Church to help pagans embrace the transition into Christianity. So it goes.

But the original meaning of the all-knowing eye has not been lost throughout the cultures. All over the world third eye symbolism relates to the opening of the third eye chakra, believed to be the pineal gland, sometimes referred to as the third eye or inner eye.

The triangle in third-eye symbolism

The all-seeing eye is always accompanied with a triangle in some form or another. On the Great Seal of the US, the eye is drawn in the three-sided capstone of a pyramid, and in Christianity it is often found in an equilateral triangle.

In Valencia Cathedral the triangle appears as the all-seeing, but the symbols represent the same thing; when you see everything you can bring anything you desire into manifestation.

The triangle also represents manifestation which is achieved through thoughts, actions and emotions. Horus, the Egyptian creator God also represents manifestation of when man becomes God. Throughout Egyptian history, the sun-God is associated with power of knowledge, awareness and transformation.

The Eye of Horus is made of six individual symbols each of which recognises one of the six senses, taste, touch, hearing, smell, sight. The sixth sense earned when you open the all-seeing eye, the pineal gland which is your mind’s eye and enables you to visualise. The more vividly you can visualise, the greater ability you have of imagining yourself in situations that are favourable to you.

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