Drinking Fountains in Valencia: The Symbolic Meaning of Fish and Snakes

Esoteric Symbolism in Spain

Valencia drinking fountainsValencia on the east coast of Spain is an attractive and inspiring tourist destination. With a laid back atmosphere, clement year-round weather and awe-inspiring medieval architecture, it is a pleasure to explore the maze of urban back streets of the historical centre.

Throughout the city you will find drinking fountains from which you can quench your thirst gratis of the city. The ornate fountains are identified with a delightful sculpture of two intertwining fish, which to the untrained eye look somewhat innocuous. Fish of course are associated with water.

But look closely and you will notice the adept fish sculptures have a dual design which is extremely rich in alchemical symbolism.

The symbolic meaning of water

Water of course is one of the four elements and governs emotion and intuition. Because of water’s ability to flow and adapt to its surroundings, it represents our ability to adapt to any given situation in our day to day life.

Water is also associated with creation. All life is said to come from water and therefore has a connection with fertility and birth. It therefore has a prime symbolic meaning of creation which we can see throughout the symbolism on the drinking fountains in Valencia.

We also find symbolic similarities between water and the Moon – both linked with the feminine aspect, birth and the mysterious, unknown aspects of the subconscious.

Posedion/Neptune, god of the subconsciousThe familiar sea god Poseidon (Neptune in Roman myth) is connected with the subconscious and the gravitational pull of the moon of course affects the tides of the ocean.

The murky depths of the ocean which are yet to be explored and understood is equal to the infinite wisdom of our emotions and subconscious mind which mysteriously mingle in ways we often struggle to understand.

But what we can get to grips with is how to use water symbolism to help us create what we want in life and adapt to all and any circumstances we find ourselves in.

The symbolic meaning of fish

Unsurprisingly the fish essentially takes on the same meaning as the element of water. In Hindu mythology, and later in Greco-Roman myth, the fish is associated with transformation and creation.

We also find the power of the female deity reflected by fish thus it has a strong connection with fertility. And fish never appear alone, but as a pair, often with interlocking tails.

Let’s take Greek mythology. When the demon Typhon attacks Mount Olympus, Aphrodite and her son Eros transform into fish and make their escape. They interlock their tails so not to lose one another.

Aphrodite and Eros are both the personification of emotion, male and female, and when taking the form of fish resemble the strongest generative power. The Vesica pisces, the fish symbol of Jesus, is formed by overlapping two circles, representing the conscious and subconscious minds.

In Pythagorean mystery schools, the vesica pisces also represents the male and female aspects of our personality and the interlocking of the physical world with the spiritual world.

Do you see how all this is tying together?

The twin fish of the vesica pisces, as we find in the constellation of Pisces, signifies the structure of intuition and emotional thoughts which shift from the spiritual realms to manifest on the physical plane.

Esoteric meaning of intertwining serpents

The serpent has many meanings in esoteric symbolism, but in the water fountains of Valencia two intertwined snakes is Intertwining snakes represent kundalini energyindicative of the kundalini energy which leads to greater wisdom and health.

Kundalini energy is the creative life force which when awakened can wash away unwanted impurities from the body. Once risen to the third eye and crown chakras, it will dispel misunderstandings and eliminate false beliefs.

The roots of kundalini comes from the Sanskrit word to mean coiled serpent. Once the energy is awakened through yoga and/or meditation, it transmits the spiritual power which leads to higher conscious awareness.

In eastern philosophy, kundalini energy is said to pass through three primary channels, ida, pingala and sushumna which Hermes with his caduceusstart at the base of the spine and end in the brain.

The energy passes through the seven chakras which once activated leads to self-realisation. Having reached this conscious state, your perception of reality alters and your experience only love. You do not feel fear.

We find this same symbolism in the staff of Hermes (Mercury) which was given to him by the God Apollo who represents light. Hermes is the God of wisdom, the meaning also associated with serpents.

The staff of Hermes is known as the Caduceus which features two serpents wrapped around the central shaft – essentially the spinal column and the flow of kundalini energy.

The two snakes therefore represent the two halves of the nervous system; motor and sensory, sympathetic and parasympathetic. For optimum health, the nervous system

Asclepius god of healing
Asclepius god of healingneeds to be in balance.

It is no surprise then that the Caduceus is associated with the medical profession in the form of the Staff of Asclepius, a forward-thinking Greek physician who through myth became the Greek God of healing.

In its entirety then, the water fountains of Valencia teach us to control our emotions and bring our body into balance in order to transmute energy and have good mental and physical health.

You should also drink plenty of water.

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