Meditation For Awakening The Solar Plexus Chakra And Creating

Meditation For Awakening The Solar Plexus Chakra

Porto Alegre sunset
The solar plexus is associated with fire and the sun

Also known as Manipura, the Solar Plexus chakra is the third energy centre and is located slightly above your naval.

In the chakra system, the manipura is yellow and in hermetic symbolism is associated with fire and the sun – hence its name.

The reason for this is because the solar plexus energy point is where we wield the willpower we need to transform desire into reality. This is the energy centre of your creations.

When the solar plexus chakra is opened and balanced you feel calm and energised, self-confident and filled with a sense of pride.

If undernourished you feel lost and lacking direction in life. You will also have low self-esteem, feel fatigued and confused. Even when you know you are making a poor life choice, you don’t care.

Your chakras can also be over active. When your solar plexus is out of sync you can become bossy, overbearing and irritable.

When in this state of being, it is normal to distract yourself with work whereby you lose your zest for life and no longer feel joy in anything you do.

Use this meditation to awaken your solar plexus or to bring it back into balance.

Solar Plexus meditation

As the solar plexus is associated with the sun and fire, this meditation is most effective if you light a candle, although it is not completely necessary.

burning candles

When you are ready let’s begin.

  1. Find a quiet place to relax. Take in a deep breath. Then exhale.
  1. If you choose to use a candle stare into the flame. Watch how the fire dances and flickers. If you are not using a candle, try to imagine a flame in your mind’s eye.
  1. Allow yourself to become mesmerised by the movement of the flame. Concentrate on the flame until you still your mind. When your mind is still, you are more open to receive thought.
  1. Then move your attention to the centre of your abdomen where your solar plexus is located.
  1. Continue to focus on your energy centre and count to 12 taking in a deep breath each count.
  1. Imagine your energy centre as the flame of the candle burning away any tension and stress.
  1. Now imagine the flame break into fire and feel the warmth spread through your body.
  1. The fire is your life force, lifting you upwards like a space shuttle taking off. Imagine yourself with a jetpack strapped to your back flying up into the sky and over the city, fields, mountains or wherever your imagination takes you. You are in control.
  1. When you ready come back down to Earth and plant your feet firmly on the ground. You feel amazing and full of energy. Stay with this feeling until you are completely relaxed.
  1. If there is anything you want to create in your life, or an attitude you want to change, repeat a mantra for a couple of minutes. The mantra should be worded as though the desire you want already exists; I am confident, I am financially secure, I am loved, I am proud of myself. You get the idea.
  1. Repeat the mantra for a minute or two, then be still. Just breathe. Just be. Recall the candle flame in your imagination, or if you prefer open your eyes and stare into the candle. The power of fire has returned to balance and the flame inside you burns away any unwanted energy. Sit and contemplate this for at least another five minutes, but you can stay in this state for as long as you like. And why not, it’s nice.

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