The Alto Misayoq and The Buried Secrets of Peru?

lightning in the Andes
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Since the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in 1532 desecrated their culture, Shamans of Peru have done their best to keep the ancient customs of their ancestors alive.

Oral traditions have been passed down through generations since the defeat of the Inca, but sadly, a great deal of knowledge has been lost, misinterpreted or corrupted.

In the modern world, the sons of shaman are not interested in learning ancient knowledge and following in the footpaths of their forefathers. Instead they are lured by the western ideals of money and materialism.

One man in Cusco who still knows something of the past is the retired historian Abraham Valencia Espinoza.

During an interview with Dr. Valencia, he told me: “In the past people with powers to predict the future were known as Alto Misayoq. A person struck by lightning was deemed to receive special powers. Alto Misayoq speaks with the Gods.”

In the past true shaman would climb the hills in a thunderstorm and attempt to attract the lightning. Those struck by the force of nature were considered to have the greatest powers and revered as demi-gods within the community.

They were known as Alto Misayoq. Dr. Valencia told me the last true Alto Misayoq died when he was a young boy, more than 500 years since the last Inca king was tortured and killed. All of Cusco lined the streets to watch the funeral procession and pay their respects to the God-like shaman.

Shamanic traditions

In Peru, there is an ancient sacred tradition known as the Power of Pachamama. The ritual is far older than the Inca and historically was performed twice a year, the 1st of January and 1st August. In today’s world, it has been raped by commercialism and performed for tourists any day of the year.

The ceremony is known as a despacho and involves offering gifts of food, jewellery and other personal items to Pachamama (Mother Earth.)

The ceremony teaches participants the importance of giving in order to receive. They give to Mother Earth and receive from Father Sky – the Universe.

The gifts to Pachamama are folded in paper and either burnt or buried in the ground. Then you make a wish. Shaman say the offerings create the life energy needed to make your wishes and desires come true.

The history and traditions of indigenous peoples in the Andes have an untold story to tell and they want the world to hear it. Peru is certainly a magical country that mesmerises and inspires…and confuses.

The anomalies found in Peru alone throw orthodox history into disrepute. And the secrets buried here are gradually coming to the surface.

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