Reboot Your Root Chakra: Meditation For Opening And Balancing The Muladhara

Root chakra in ancient temple artOpening and balancing your chakras is important for your health and vitality. The Muladhara is the first of the seven chakras and is identified as a red flower with four petals. Situated at the base of your spine below the genitals, it is from here the kundalini energy makes its way up to the crown chakra and beyond.

The Root is connected to the element of earth so is all about grounding. It represents strength, integrity and honesty, and is the basis of laying solid foundations which drive positive energy and attitudes in your life.

When the Root chakra is closed we typically suffer from depression, aggression and sadness. We can feel lost, ungrounded and unstable which ultimately manifests in negative ways. We attract misfortune, bad people and illness.

A balanced Root chakra on the other hand has a positive impact on your self-worth, health and general attitude towards life. You feel more vitality and security in both relationships and finances, and it can super-charge your sex life.

So now you know that, let’s get to business…

Root chakra meditation

A strong and functioning Root chakra also enables you to plant ideas in the physical world. If there is something in your life you want to create, combine this root chakra meditation with the solar plexus meditation.

Let us begin…

Step one

Find a quiet place where you can sit and relax for at least 10 minutes without being disturbed. Because you root chakra is situated at the foot of the spine next to the anus, sit crossed legged on the floor and lean forward slightly so your chakra is connected to the floor – Mother Earth.

Step two

Close your eyes and take in deep, slow breaths. Draw your attention to your root chakra. You may be feeling some discomfort under your bottom by the way you are sitting anyway. Once your mind empties, the pain will subside – in essence, you forget about it.

Step three

With your focus on your root chakra, think of the colour red. Try to bring the colour into your mind’s eye. If you have difficulty with this, use a prop to help you, something that has a deep red colour.

Step four

Once you are seeing red, allow your mind to empty. Say goodbye to all your friends, family and work colleagues you saw that day. Thank anybody you would like to show your gratitude, and forgive those that upset you or caused you pain. Let everything that happened to you today fall away.

Step five

When you meditate it is natural to have thoughts pop into your head. For this root chakra meditation, we are going to chase all thoughts away so that you can become grounded, or rooted, to your own space. Allow your mind to empty. When a thought arrives, stop the thought by saying no, and chase it away. Empty your mind and repeat the process.

Step six

As you empty your mind, allow images to come into your mind. As your root chakra becomes more balanced you should attract scenes of nature. Hold on to them before they fade away and let the kaleidoscope of your mind work its course.

Step seven

If you only want to open and/or balance your root chakra, continue with this exercise, chasing away thoughts, emptying your mind and admiring the images in your head. Do this until you are ready to continue your day. If there is something you would like to manifest in your life, combine this meditation with the latter stages of this solar plexus meditation and ignite some fire and passion into the thoughts you intend to manifest.

There are times when you need to reboot your chakras to give you more vitality. Starting with the Root chakra will help you charge the others so that you can return to full strength.

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