Heart Chakra Meditation

Green Heart Chakra
Image Credit: Dora Allis

The heart chakra is the fourth vital energy point and is the Chi centre of the seven chakra system. It represents feeling, compassion and emotion and helps brings balance into your life.

An open heart chakra gives you the capacity for love, and allows you to give and receive more freely. The Sanskrit word for the heart chakra is Anahata which means “unstruck”. It is therefore said that the heart can sing without being played.

The Anahata is depicted as a green twelve-petalled lotus flower and is associated with the colour green – the colour of nature which symbolises growth, harmony and fertility.

Symptoms of an unbalanced heart chakra

It is important to balance all the chakras, but arguably none more so than your heart chakra as it is from the heart which dictates our relationship with others.

When open and balanced, you feel a sense of self-respect, and thus in turn respect others and know how to handle any given situation with confidence.

When the heart chakra is blocked on the other hand, you tend to shy away from having contact with people and struggle to make social connections. You can be judgemental of others and typically take a negative outlook on life.

You will also suffer depressive feelings like you are unworthy of being loved, and do not feel as though you are appreciated. You also have difficulty trusting others, especially in intimate relationships with a sexual partner.

An underactive heart chakra breaks relationships, but an overactive chakra can have the same negative results as well, especially if you are overwhelmed by your emotions. When you feel sadness, grief and anger you typically overreact.

You may also love too much, sometimes to the extent that you manipulate relationships and are over critical or judgemental. You may also feel like you are always the one giving, but get nothing in return which ultimately leads to a tantrum.

An unbalanced heart chakra will lead to physical illnesses in the heart and chest area. Conditions include poor blood circulation, bronchitis, asthma, heart attack and lung or breast cancer.

Balancing the heart chakra

A balanced heart chakra allows you to feel love, compassion and joy, but also sorrow, anger and lust. What is important is that whatever emotion you’re experiencing in any given moment can be controlled.

View from Tal y Fant

Buddhists call an open heart chakra, Mahakaruna, which means great compassion is considered the pure essence of unconditional love.

The heart chakra connects positive energy from the lower chakras to the higher chakras and is the ultimate source of all healing.

When this central chakra is balanced therefore, you feel a greater sense of love and compassion for the world and every living creature in it. You can easily dismiss negative energy as inconsequential and do not judge or criticise the actions of others.

When looking for a relationship, a balanced heart chakra gives you the strength and patience to wait until the right person comes along, rather than jumping from one relationship to the next in blind hope of finding your twin flame.

Heart chakra meditation

As the Anahata is associated with the colour green, you will give this heart chakra meditation more positive energy by incorporating the colour green into it.

This can be achieved in a variety of ways, either getting out into nature, lighting green candles or incense sticks or placing green healing stones on your chest above your heart.

You can do this heart chakra meditation either sitting or lying down, whichever you feel most at ease with. Once you are comfortable you can begin.

  1. Take in a deep breath through your nose and in your head, count out nine seconds. As you count continue breathing in. When you reach nine, slowly exhale and count to nine whilst breathing out.
  1. Repeat step one, nine times. This is known as diaphragm breathing and helps you to reach a higher level of relaxation and consciousness.
  1. Bring your breathing to a steady rhythm and concentrate on your breath for a little while. Then shift your attention to your body and feel the energy come in through your feet and make its way up your body to your chest.
  1. When you feel the energy of Mother Earth in your chest, imagine a bright green light glowing where your heart is.
  1. Hold this image for a while, then repeat the mantra, “I am unconditional love and do not need to judge or criticise others.” Repeat this mantra nine times.
  1. Then return your focus to the green light glowing from the centre of your chest. Feel it emanating love and compassion throughout your body whilst chanting “Yam” and allow the word to vibrate in your throat. This is the vibration for the fourth energy centre and will bring your heart chakra into balance.
  1. Continue vibrating for several minutes then fall silent and still the mind. You can then enjoy the feeling of joy and happiness this meditation gives your for as long as you desire.

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