The Magic In The Sequence of Seven – What Do Number Vibrations Mean?

Numbers are vibrations the ancients understood far better than we do!

Magic Seven
Image credit: Loren Javier

A couple of days ago, I received a thought download from the Ether. The numbers forty, thirty-three and seven came to me in quick flashes – thoughts popping into my head just like that.

After giving it some contemplation, I recognised a pattern emerging. The sequence of numbers when adding and subtracting seven stemming from thirty-three produced significant sacred numbers that consistently appear in ancient scripts and esoteric symbolism found in churches, temples and other buildings of importance.

Now, how do I explain this without sounding mad? Well, I can’t really so you will have to bear with me and go with the flow. Like Bruce Lee once said, “Be like water my friend.”

In modern times we recognise the seven is an auspicious number, but the ancients recognised the vibration of the seven had magical qualities we don’t quite comprehend.

The seven appears throughout nature and can bring bad luck as well as good luck – which is why the seven is also associated with making personal sacrifices in hermetic alchemy.

It is important to note at this stage that numbers are cosmic vibrations. The ancient sages assigned specific meanings to them, mostly associating the number with the divine feminine.

Female energies are represented by earth and water which in turn reflect, caring, nurturing and spontaneity.

Although modern day scholars regard our ancestors as primitive, the contrary is true, they were so in tune with nature, they understood exactly how the vibrational frequencies worked and how to work with them.

Some vibrations are so important, that to manifest reality on the physical plane, the ancient sage’s recorded numbers in religious scripts, architecture and ancient philosophical myths.

The number seven appears so frequently and is clearly an important number. The reason for this is because of the seven core energy centres in the human body, and also the stage in which the understanding of knowledge is obtained.

It is for this reason that the ancient sages considered the number seven as a divine number – the first step to achieving higher consciousness.

My cosmic download enabled me to recognise that this magical number has much greater divine qualities than I first thought.

Thirty-Three 33

Thirty-three is a master number, thus a highly important number. In esoteric wisdom it is actually a number that relates to masters. Jesus was 33 when he died and a freemason becomes the Grandmaster of the Lodge when he reaches the 33rd degree.

So it is a number that is associated with divine greatness, a high-state of conscious awareness whereby the individual has learned how to master the emotions and control the four elements.

This is further reinforced in biblical stories such as Jacob, one of the sons of Israel with whom God makes a covenant. Jacob had 33 children with his first wife, Leah. King David, another key historical figure relating to Israel ruled for 33 years.

We also find the number bearing significance in the Judeo-Christian doctrine. There are 33 theologians of the Roman Catholic Church and 33 chapels in St. Peter’s Basilica located in the grounds of the Vatican.

In Asian philosophy, there are 33 divinities divided into three classes of the Rig Veda, and Zen Buddhism depicts a Sun God surrounded by 33 “atmospheric” Gods which reflect the legend of the 33 spirits that followed Buddha after his 40 day fast.

Twenty-six 26

Subtract seven from 33 and you have 26 – which in numerology, or Gematria is eight, (2+6) the number of God-Consciousness. Even Wikipedia records some interesting statistics for the number 26.

8-stemmed flower representing higher consciousness
The 8 vibration is higher-consciousness, or if you like God-Consciousness

In ancient Hebrew, 26 was the number of God. The numerical values for the letters YHWH, the ancient Hebrew name for God, add up to 26. Using the Greek system, the word Agape meaning “Love” also has a numerical value of 26.

Nineteen 19

In esoteric alchemy, 19 is a number of enlightenment whereby you enter into a new cycle of life armed with knowledge you learned from a previous cycle.

If you do not learn the lessons, you remain in a lower consciousness and go round in circles whereby the same bad things keep happening only they get worse each time.

But the 19 also has a deeper meaning, one which transfers to the astral body where it is believed our sub-conscious mind does all the work to manifest reality on the physical plane.

And there are 19 components of the astral body which perform functions that are vital to our everyday lives.

The astral body is a reflection of the physical body and is mostly active when we are asleep thus are typically unaware of what is happening – unless you remember your dreams and are able to translate the meanings from your dream to help you in your everyday life on the physical plane.

Twelve 12

The twelve is a number that will be familiar to patrons of religious organisations, astrology and readers of ancient myths.

Jesus had twelve disciples, there were 12 knights of King Arthur’s Round table, 12 principle Gods Olympia, 12 labours of Hercules, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 tribes of Israel. The list goes on.

In terms of vibration, there are 12 pitches in the chromatic musical scale, which is built from consecutive half-steps that has no tonal centre, meaning it can be used with any chord. In other words, it is whole and complete with all and everything.

C Scale notation
Image Credit: Horia Varlan

Incidentally, there are seven notes in a natural scale of music. When you tune the A note of an instrument at 444Hz, the C pitches at 528Hz which the ancient Egyptians called the perfect circle of sound. A modern expression is “the love vibration.” Divide 528 Hz by seven and you get 12.

So both the seven and the 12 are directly related to vibration and energy. So are there clues in the ancient stories of what each vibration represents and how we can tap into them to resonate with higher vibrations better?

Five 5

The number five represents human nature, and is considered a magical number given the fifth element is spirit, the binding force that holds the other elements together.

In hermetic alchemy and astrology, each of the four elements, earth, air, water and fire are associated with a specific emotion and egotistical states which need to be brought into balance for the mind to function adeptly.

Ancient Hindu philosophers discovered the five key principles to attaining enlightenment were knowledge, using the cognitive senses, taking care of the vital organs, being aware of pure consciousness and understanding correct breathing, the pranayamas.

Forty 40

 Here’s another of those numerical “coincidences” we keep finding across different cultures all over the world. Jesus is said to have fasted in the desert for 40 days. Mohammad and Gautama Buddha also fasted for 40 days.

Exodus 34:28 also states that Moses “was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights without eating bread or drinking water, before penning the words of the Ten Commandments.

In the flood myth of Noah, it rained forty days and forty nights, and there are countless other references in which 40 is a significant number.

In Gematria 40 reflects the vibration of the four which represents laying foundations. Can you see how each of these stories reflects a stage being set on which to build the next phase?

The ancient Egyptians also said it takes 40 days for the soul to finally leave the body after the death of the physical vehicle. In some religions, a ceremony is celebrated 40 days after the death of the terrestrial body in order to facilitate the liberation of the ethereal body.

Forty seven 47

In numberology, 47 is broken down to the master number 11 reflecting initiates move on to the next cycle with twice the power of the one. It is at this stage where you have passed the lessons of the previous cycle and continue into the next cycle with greater wisdom and strength.

Fifty-four 54

Likewise, the number 54 is broken down to the number nine, representing the end of a cycle and absolute consciousness. If you achieve higher-consciousness in your last cycle, the nine represents a higher vibrational frequency and heightened intellectual powers.

Sixty-one 61

Sixty-one of course is the mysterious and magical seven the ancients considered the first divine number of higher-consciousness. If six is base consciousness, associated with the Devil, seven is Christ-Consciousness, eight is God-Consciousness and nine is absolute-consciousness.

Sixty-eight 68 and Seventy-five 75

Continuing the sequence of seven we get number 68 and 75 which in gematria total five (6+8 = 14 1+4=5) and 75 is 12, thus repeating the cycle of numbers from 5 and 12 we find when subtracting the seven from 33 in descending order.

That the ancients assigned such significant meanings to these specific numbers suggests they were profoundly aware of vibrations and how we connect with the Universe through thought, action and emotion – all of which are vibrations.

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