One Minute Meditation Exercise

Struggling to Meditate?

Stone Buddha StatueMeditation can be frustrating for beginners. It can be difficult to stop thoughts, calm your breathing and sit still. But until you can achieve all these things for a prolonged period, you are not really relaxing.

Part of the problem is that meditation has been given a fantastical image and beginners can develop an expectation of what they should expect to experience. When this does not happen they think they are not doing it right and give up.

Before you can meditate properly therefore, you need to learn how to meditate.

Another common problem is that we do not know how to relax properly because our bodies and minds are used to so much distraction and stress. When our bodies experience a change during meditation, we can become anxious.

If you are trying to meditate, but are having difficulties, try this one simple exercise. You need only do it for a minute, either on its own every day, or to loosen up just before you do a full meditation session.

Men who stare at anything

The one-minute meditation is very simple. All you have to do is sit still and pick an object to stare at, preferably something large, but only stare at one specific spot rather than the entire object.

For example, turn of the TV and stare at the corner, or the handle of a door, a fleck on the window. Try do this without flirting your eyes over other parts of the object.

The key to this exercise however, is keeping your body still. Do not move, do not fidget. If you feel an itch, ignore it. Stilling your body enables you to still your mind.

You can also do this meditation anywhere providing it is safe to do so. If you are out and about, stare at the number plate of a parked car, and advertising board, a tree or a distinguishing design you like on a building.

Whilst staring, empty your mind of everything, and try to prevent thoughts coming into your head. When you feel a thought creeping in, be aware of it and stop the thought before it forms into an entire idea.

There, it’s that simple. If a thought does form, just repeat the exercise for another minute until you go a full 60 seconds without have one solitary thought.

This exercise will help you develop mindfulness during meditation sessions, but will also get your body used to simply sitting still and relaxing. If your body is not still, your mind cannot be still.

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