Crown Chakra Meditation: Connect With Your Higher Conscious

Image credit:Osseus
Image credit: Osseus

The sahasrara or crown chakra is the energy gateway to your higher conscious.

Situated at the top of your head, the crown, it is the seventh chakra and most powerful portal to the highest realms of knowledge and inspiration.

Working with your crown chakra by focusing on the top of your head during meditation brings about a feeling of completeness and liberation. Once you master opening the crown chakra you are well on your way to attaining self-realisation and absolute consciousness.

Balancing the crown chakra

People with a blocked or unbalanced crown chakra are often self-centred, materialistic and sceptical of anything they cannot imagine. Talk of spirituality is dismissed outright.

They are often lustful and easily led into sexual misdemeanours, or at other times deny themselves pleasure of any kind and go into themselves. They can be distrustful of life and prone to depression.

When the crown chakra is underactive, there is often a feeling of being disconnected. Life goals and inspiration are non-existent, yet they are judgmental and sceptical of other people’s dreams and ambitions.

Over-active crown chakras will make a person have fanciful ideas that make them appear far out. They have trouble grounding themselves and can appear overly arrogant and intimidating.

Physical symptoms usually involve diseases that are connected with muscles or nerves, together with chronic fatigue without any medical explanation for exhaustion.

Free your mind crown chakra meditation

The following meditation uses simple visualisation that will help your mind leave the body and explore the astral plane. The end goal is to meet with your higher self, the divine creator, known in Zen as ‘your face before your parents were born.’

Not everybody will have the same experience. The first time I tried this meditation, when I entered the room to meet with my creator, the visualisation that came to my mind was the Rosicrucian Cross. At the time I didn’t know what the symbol was!

Rosicrucian Cross chakra meditation

You can do this meditation in any position your feel most comfortable. If you want to lie down feel free to do so, although most eastern meditation gurus would slice my tongue off with a Samurai for saying that!

The most powerful sitting posture for meditation is the lotus position whereby you sit crossed-legged with both feet on the opposite thigh. But if this is not a position you can work yourself into, simply sitting crossed-legged on a cushion is good enough.

  1. Once you are seated comfortably, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Breathe for three seconds, follow your breath, then breathe out for four seconds. Continue with this exercise for several minutes, noticing your breathe until you are nice and relaxed. When a stray thoughts wanders into your head and disturbs your concentration, let it flow, then let it go, and return your attention to your breathing.
  1. Once you feel suitably relaxed guide your attention to the top of your head and focus on your crown for a moment. Then imagine a shaft of bright white light extending from your head and into the heavens above. If you know what the shiva lingam is, imagine this white light is your shiva lingam, eternal energy and your connection with divine consciousness.
  1. Next imagine you are slowly being pulled up into the shiva lingam as though you are going up in an elevator. Feel the pull on your body as the gravity draws you into space. When you are ready, the elevator will stop and the doors will open into a white-walled corridor.
  1. Step out of the shiva lingam and into the corridor. At the far end you see a large wooden door and make your way towards it. Along the way you pass many other doors. The doors are marked with signs that read in large silver letters; courage, happiness, wisdom, confidence, peace, strength, patience, kindness, humility, and whatever other virtues you feel you need in your life right now. The door signs can read anything you want. As you pass each door and read a sign, say them to yourself in your mind.
  1. Continue walking along the corridor until you reach the large wooden doors. When you do open them and walk into the room. It is here you will meet with your divine self.

If you have any crown meditation chakras or tips to balance the chakras, feel free to share them by leaving a comment in the field below or get in touch.

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