Study Reveals Religion Is Having a Negative Effect On Society

Religious morals are not better for society

A new study has revealed what non-religious people have known all along. Religion sucks for society!

The international study titled, ‘The Negative Association between Religiousness and Children’s Altruism across the World,’ was conducted by seven Universities worldwide – and academia sticks two fingers up at the Church.

The world’s two prominent religions, Christianity and Islam were put under the microscope to test the relationship between religion and morality.

And the study smashed a few myths. Children from religious families were found to be more judgmental of others, less kind and demanded harsher punishments…

…so goes the deception of perception that creates the illusion of reality.

 Religious beliefs

Last year the Huffington Post UK reported that more than half of Britons believe religion does more harm than good. This latest study confirms their belief.

Religion promotes moral ethics and altruism, claiming its followers are more caring and empathetic to the well being of others. They are also said to behave morally correctly and are open to sharing more than atheists.

At least this is what religious people believe. Psychologists that performed the study to assess the reactions and relationships of 12,000 children, also gauged the opinions of their parents.

And religious parents said their children were “more empathetic and sensitive to the plight of others.” To which the study said “Uh-errr!”

 Religion put to the sword

The children were given stickers and asked to share them with another child. The results showed that children from non-religious backgrounds were more generous than religious kids.

For the moral sensitivity test, participants were shown videos of children pushing and shoving and asked for their opinions of whether disciplinary action should be taken.

Religious children demand harsher punishments and are more judgmental of others
Religious children demand harsher punishments and are more judgmental of others

Religious children cited harsher punishments should be handed out than non-religious children – particularly children from a Muslim background.

Professor Jean Decety who led the study concluded, “our findings contradict the common-sense and popular assumption that children from religious households are more altruistic and kind towards others.”

So religion actually makes people more critical, less generous and harsher rather than empathetic. So much for the churches teachings on morality!

This study is further evidence that common beliefs within society are pushed by authorities that create harmful systems – religion being a prime example!

What are your thoughts about religion and do you think moral education should be taught in schools without interference from religious groups?

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