The Symbolic Philosophy of Wham!

Did you ever notice how the pop band Wham! was philosophical beyond reason? No, me neither, but I’ve I’d epiphany!

It’s hard to imagine that such bright minds of pop could deliver such powerful lyrics, the philosophy protrudes through the heart with such swift force, it could knock you down with a feather.

Who could forget this little number. How prophetic. It was before the law of attraction was mainstream and everything!

George Michael dying on his arse – again…and erm, the other fella

Then of course there was the smash hit Wake Up Before You Go Go, which is a clear reference to attaining enlightenment before you die!

Although nirvana – the level of consciousness, not the rock band – and death of course, have been around for thousands of years, nobody had thought to put such profound advice to a catchy tune before. Genius!

George Michael
George Michael at his philosophical best waking up the audience


However, the likelihood of George Michael and the other fella helping anybody reach enlightenment is pretty remote. The reason for that is because…what’s the word? Oh yes – shit!

You will not find any nonsense like this in my books, although you will see a cheeky, sarcastic style among the words of wisdom. I want to help people see the light, but it does no good to take life so seriously all the time!

My second book will (hopefully) be available in summer 2016, but my first book, Journeys To Ancient World’s: What Modern Man Can Learn From Ancient Civilisations is available now from Amazon and Apple!


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