“Pseudo-Science” Explains How Your Mind Really Works

If you haven’t already heard of Bruce Lipton or Rupert Sheldrake, I strongly recommend you follow their work. It will help you understand how your really mind works.

Lipton is a developmental biologist and his research has given cause to believe that thoughts have a greater effect on our biology than genes or DNA. It is what you think that makes you the person you are.

Sheldrake, a Cambridge trained bio-chemist is researching the paranormal events of telepathy and how our thoughts and energy reach beyond the physical make-up of our body. He calls it the “morphic resonance field.”

Neither of the theories Lipton and Sheldrake are proving is new. Ancient sages were writing about these innate powers thousands of years ago.

But what Lipton and Sheldrake do, is find scientific proof the ancient sages were right!

It may not surprise you to learn that both scientists are ridiculed by their peers – a scientific community that prove time and again they work with the limiting belief systems they are indoctrinated with.

The closed minds of scholars

During my research, I have met several scholars in the fields of science, history, archaeology and even architecture. Esoteric symbolism appears in the structure of all religious and civic buildings together with banks and palaces.

A common response to these shared designs and geometric shapes in symbols is, “it’s just a coincidence. The buildings have to be structured like that.”

But this claim is not entirely true. Whilst conducting the research for my next book, I visited numerous Buddhist and Hindu temples, many of which have similar dimensions, whilst others are bigger.

Some of the larger temples had less supporting pillars than smaller temples. But typically, the number of pillars you find in Buddhist temples is eight, 10, 16 or 20.

Pha That Luang, Laos
This large pagoda has 16 pillars

The number of pillars used to build temples have significant meanings in spiritual symbolism as well as architectural support. There is nothing coincidental about it.

Pha That Luang
This smaller pagoda in the same complex has 34 pillars, 8 in the centre, 16 to the right and 10 to the left…

The significance relates to the psycho-chemical make-up of the human mind and body! All will be revealed in my next book – Journeys To Ancient Worlds: The Search For Truth.

The double standards of science

But for now, let’s get back to Lipton and Sheldrake.

The “heretic” researchers are leading lights in the quest of mankind, yet are dismissed out of hand by skeptics that claim their experiments cannot be scientifically correlated…

…a typical argument is they are practicing a “pseudo-science” – which in the scientific community is not really science, but theories that cannot be proved.

Scientists I have met have all called quantum physics a pseudo-science for the same reasons. The results cannot be explained therefore they can’t be accepted as true.

But what is a so-called pseudo-science really? An idea that cannot be proven by science, or a theory that hasn’t been proven by science yet?

A theory, apparently, is and idea that cannot be considered true until it is proven through rigorous exploration and supported by unequivocal evidence.

Except the Theory of Evolution.

This is a theory that has not been proven, but science ignores the missing data and teach it in schools anyway. Double-standards, right!

Evolution is a theory that is indoctrinated into scholars as something that cannot be unproven, and the only other arguments are a sky-daddy or aliens – so not much to go with that will convince the masses!

So evolution must be true! It’s the only plausible explanation right?


When “pseudo-scientists” talk about consciousness and the power of the human mind, it gets dismissed as absolute rubbish.

Yet if we didn’t evolve through consciousness – a process of learning from higher wisdom – then how do skeptical scientists think we evolved?

From Apes. Yet there is little evidence to prove this!

I think you know where the establishment can stick that theory – and it is not in our schools!

We may not be able to prove higher consciousness through science, and don’t sit round waiting for them either. Experience it for yourself, then will know it is true!

To learn more about ancient history, the destruction of ancient wisdom and the burial of human evolution, my first book, Journeys To Ancient Worlds: What Modern Man Can Learn From Ancient Civilisations provides some intriguing insights.

It’s time to wake up!

In the meantime check out what Lipton and Sheldrake have to say about the power of the mind, and thus the power that is innate within each of us. They also take a pop at narrow-minded scientists, hehe…





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