10-Minute Meditation to Balance Your Chakras

Buddha with chakras

This is a very simple meditation to open and balance your chakras. You can do it ten minutes.

The chakra system is seven energy centres that flow up from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. These energy points facilitate specific areas of the body and are responsible for health and healing.

Furthermore, the health of the chakras is determined by our thoughts, emotions and actions. They are essentially a reflection of how we feel about ourselves and typically fall out of sync because of negative emotions and personality traits.

The cause of this imbalance in not entirely our fault – and don’t worry, it is fixable.

The problem with imbalanced chakras typically arises because of the way society is designed and a widespread lack of communication about the power of these energy centres.

Fortunately, the healing abilities of chakras are being recognised by hundreds of healers and light workers around the world.

Through chakra meditation practices like this one, people are learning how to balance the chakras and bring more harmony into their lives.

If meditation is not for you, here are some physical exercises you can do to balance your chakras. This article also explains about the personality traits each chakra has an impact on.

The chakras and the sub-conscious mind

When the chakras are open and balanced, you attract happiness, fulfilment and harmony into your life. When the entire system is aligned you physically feel more positive and radiant.

The chakras are a reflection of how we see and feel about ourselves. But thoughts and emotions stem from the sub-conscious mind, which we tend to have little control over.

7 chakras

Our thoughts and emotions are therefore habits we have been conditioned with whilst growing up. And the sub-conscious mind delivers what it thinks you want – which is not always what you need.

It is only when you are aware of how the sub-conscious mind works that you can train your conscious mind to send the right messages to the unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind stores and retrieves information like the hard drive on your computer. It processes around 11 million bits of raw data per second.

The sub-conscious mind therefore takes in all the crap you receive from negative energy sources such as media, advertising, TV, radio, low-brow conversation, social leeches, depressed people and every other experience you have from one day to the next.

This is why so many of us are angry, antagonistic, depressed, anxious, lacking hope and crippled by fear.

It is not a coincidence that medical centres are receiving record numbers of patients suffering from anxiety and depression including students.

How to take control of your thoughts and actions

In comparison to amount of data processed by the sub-conscious mind, our conscious minds only process about 40 bits of information per second.

That means we are not consciously aware of the totality of our experience. A high percentage of our experience – our true reality – escapes us.

The information we process is the sum total of our experience and understanding of the world. It defines who were and how we think and feel.

It is from these 40 bits that we form perceptions – and develop the ego.

But your ego is not your friend. It typically bows to the whims of you sub-conscious mind, which in turn is being deceived by external influences.

All seeing eye

Therefore you need to take control of your conscious mind so that you can reprogram it with thoughts and emotions you want to experience instead of the trash poured over us by so-called “thought leaders.”

You can achieve power over your conscious mind by meditating on your chakra system and bringing the energies in line with positive emotional thoughts.

With a little practice, you will eventually develop the qualities of character and emotion you desire and these energies will resonate throughout your chakra system.

Once achieved, you will find you have more control over your thoughts, emotions and actions thus develop your innate ability to create the world you want to live in, rather than the matrix of mayhem we call Planet Earth.

A broken political/financial system = a broken chakra system.

Let’s fix that. We may not be able to change the thinking of corrupt oligarchs, but we can change the way we think about ourselves and everybody else that lives in our own little world.

Meditating on the chakra system

This mediation exercise will take you through the entire body chakra system, explaining what each chakra represents and suggesting a mantra you can use to re-program your sub-conscious mind.

I typically start with my root chakra and work my way up to the crown chakra, but the path you take does not have to be in sequence. You may want to start with the crown and work your way down, or pick energy points at random.

You can even use this meditation technique to focus on any energy point you like. If you want to concentrate on a specific emotion or character flaw you would like to purify, focus on that one point for 10 minutes.

  1. Start by taking in a long, deep breath through your nose. Continue breathing to you feel a pull in the pit of your stomach. This is the tanden, the point ancient sages say is the centre of creation.
  2. Then exhale slowly through you notice, concentrating on the breath as it is expelled from your body.
  3. Breathe in again, noticing the breath and the rise of your stomach. Then exhale, watch the breath.
  4. Continue breathing in this way and stay with your breath for a minute. As you do this, ask yourself if it is okay to open your chakras and bring them into balance.
  5. If you are happy to continue, concentrate on the chakra you want to bring into balance simply by imaging the corresponding colour of the energy point and repeating the mantra associated with each chakra as described below.

Root chakra

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is related to stability; how secure you feel in yourself and around others. When open and balanced it eliminates fear and you feel grounded and confident.

flame root

To open and balance the root chakra, bring your attention to the area around your groin and imagine a red light glowing from your butthole and up into the lower part of your stomach.

During meditation on the root chakra, concentrate your focus on the rectum and imagine a bright, red, glowing ball. Repeat this mantra:

I am the master of my mind and have nothing to fear

Sacral chakra

Located a few inches under the belly-button, the sacral chakra is the centre of self-love and is the colour of orange. Opening the chakra will make you feel emotionally balanced and optimistic.

During meditation on the sacral chakra, concentrate your focus in the lower part of your stomach and imagine a bright, orange orb whilst repeating this mantra:

I love myself, the world and everything in it

Solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra is located in between the lower rib cages, and dominates willpower and self-direction. It is from here that you summon the strength and the courage to overcome obstacles.

Like its name suggests, the solar plexus is yellow and like the sun has immense energy to burn away fear and negative energy that prevents you from achieving what you most desire.

When the sacral chakra and the yellow solar plexus work “in tandem” they actually work in your “tanden”, the point the ancients said “is the centre of creation.”

When fully opened and balanced, the solar plexus region is where you find the strength and courage. Tap into this energy to spur you into action and drive you towards your goal.

lion solar chakra

During meditation, imagine a fiery, yellow sphere in the centre of your lower ribs and repeat this mantra:

I am confident in everything that I do and will overcome all challenges in my path.

Heart chakra

The heart chakra is green and governs love, compassion and generosity towards others. It is the most important and highest chakra of the four base (physical) chakras.

Located at the centre of the body’s energy field, the heart chakra connects the lower chakras to the higher chakras. You could say it’s HQ, the decision maker that bridges the physical base consciousness with the forgotten higher consciousness.

It is perhaps the hardest chakra to open, as breaking down the barriers of your heart depends on how much you have been hurt in the past. You must forgive whoever has caused your suffering and accept that whatever happened was a lesson from the higher self.

When mediating on the heart chakra, focus on the centre of the chest and imagine a bright, green light emanating love, compassion and understanding. Repeat this mantra:

I love all things in the Universe and am everything in the Universe.

Throat chakra

The throat chakra governs your honesty and ability to express yourself. It gives you the power and the strength to speak to anyone and be comfortable in their presence.

However, this gift is also fuelled by the three lower chakras. You will learn more about your throat chakra in situations where you tell little white lies and half-truths to impress people.

This kind of behaviour is because you feel out of your depth and is a sign of an overactive throat chakra. You talk yourself up, but in reality, have self-doubt and are living in delusion.

An open and balanced throat chakra will make you feel comfortable speaking the truth about yourself or any subject to anybody. You speak eloquently and confidently without hesitation.


When meditating on the throat chakra, focus your attention on the throat and imagine a glowing blue ball giving you the inspiration to speak smoothly and freely.

Repeat this mantra:

I am confident in my words and opinions and can speak freely without hesitation

Third eye chakra

For many practitioners of self-realisation, the third eye chakra is one that perhaps receives the most attention. It is the third eye chakra that gives us increased awareness of intuition and telepathy.

The latest theory by online sources is that the third eye chakra is located in the thalamus at the centre of your brain. More precisely, the ajna is believed to be the pineal gland, although this is unproven by science.

If you squeeze the bridge of your nose where it meets your forehead, you will feel a light pulse of energy. That is your third eye chakra. It will open your mind to new worlds, new perceptions and new opportunities.

Through your third eye, you will have visions that reflect what you are facing in your life right now.

Like dreams, these visions are profoundly symbolic and difficult to understand. Reading myths and learning alchemical symbolism might help.

Otherwise, trust your intuition. The third eye chakra can help you increase your powers of intuition through emotion and experience. Try to connect your emotion to the experience.

To meditate on the third eye chakra, imagine a blue orb in the centre of your forehead. The best way to open the third eye is through vibration. Repeat the mantra:

Thoh (pronounced like toe in English)

Crown chakra

Located at the top of your head, the crown chakra is the antenna that connects our vibrational frequencies with our higher self in the morphic resonance field, also known as the Akashic records or the collective unconscious.

crown chakra

Regardless of how you look at the crown chakra, it has a mystical, or spiritual connection that cannot be rationally explained by modern science; only religious dogma.

Essentially, the Sahasrara connects us with the vibrational energy of the universe and is the seat of intuitive knowledge and wisdom.

When opened and balanced, we have a strong connection to our higher self and when closed, suffer from spiritual disorder.

Meditation of any kind is beneficial to the health of the crown chakra. If visualising a bright light is easier for you, imagine a white or violet ray of light projecting from the top of your head into the Universe.

Otherwise, simply sitting still in silence helps you connect with your higher self. Therefore, there is no mantra. Just empty your mind and be in the now.


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  1. The first line is very illuminating. “The chakras are a reflection of how we see and feel about ourselves.” Wow. I never thought of it that way. -TKB

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