The Mystery of Elongated Skulls in Nazca Archaeological Museum, Peru

What is the true story behind the history of mankind?

In 1928, the esteemed Peruvian archaeologists, Julio Tello excavated a 2km stretch of coastline along the Paracas peninsula in the south-west of Peru.

Elongated Skulls in Nazca, Peru

During the field work, Tello unearthed a massive graveyard containing some 300 skeletons. What is most striking about the remains are the elongated skulls, which in some cases are 25% bigger than the average human brain.

I imagine the first thought that springs to mind when most people see these skulls for the first time is: aliens. But let’s not go there shall we.

The official explanation is the skulls were deliberately malformed by process of cranial deformation. Known as dolichocephally, binding skulls to make the head bigger is an ancient practice found in many parts of the world.


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It is thought that the ancients believed that by stretching the head, the brain would also grow and children would be more intelligent.

This explanation is of course a modern theory invented by scholars and is probably complete bollocks. The ancients were not that stupid.

The technique of head-binding can change the shape of the skull, but not the capacity. The deformed skulls found on the south-west coast of Peru are the largest to ever be discovered.

Several examples of the 300 skulls found are on display in the Nazca Archaeological Museum whilst others are showcased in the Paracas History Museum.

Some researchers believe the proportions of the stretched skulls are too large for the phenomena to have been caused by head-binding.

Other suggestions are that elongation was caused through genetic engineering; or they are the skulls of giants.

Or maybe they really are aliens!

The origins of the Nazca peoples

DNA testing performed by a team of German scientists in 2010, discovered the skulls found in Nazca are not a genetic match of the local people.

Cranial deformation found at Lake Titicaca, PeruFurthermore, the presence of cranial deformation drops as the Nazca timeline progresses. Elongated skulls have been found in other regions of South America beginning in Lake Titicaca on the Bolivia-Peru border and up to Cajamarca in north-west Peru.


The cities in which the skulls were discovered traces the route known as “The Path of Wiracocha.” In Andean legends, Wiracocha is revered as the “Sun God” responsible for the onset of civilisation in the Americas.

Wiracocha is described as tall, with long white hair and a beard. He wears long white robes and was so powerful the Andean locals were afraid of him. They considered him a God.

Wiracocha is said to have arrived on a boat and taught the locals about mathematics, engineering and the arts. He is said to be responsible for rebuilding civilisation in the Americas, although is given different names from one culture and era to the next.

In one local legend the principle God Wiracocha is said to have “placed a race of giants whom he instructed to live in peace so that they might serve him for the rest of time.”

Sacsayhuaman in Cusco is also said to have been “built by giants.” The bible also states:

Genesis 6:4


Numbers 13:33

So, who were the Nephilim giants recorded in history and were they a race of human origin?

Evidence of a giant race

In 2014, reports emerged that a pyramid complex was discovered in the Amazon jungles of Ecuador. Researcher and writer, Bruce Fenton describes a “Lost City of Giants.”

Giants have historically been considered myth, but a growing body of evidence suggests at one time a race of humans up to 12 feet tall may have existed.



There is some debate as to the authenticity of the evidence that is coming to light, and the establishment have been accused by many researchers of hiding the truth for centuries.

Research journalist, Richard J Dewyer pointed the finger at Smithsonian for a historical cover-up and he is not alone in accusing scholars of hiding evidence.

In his book, “Forbidden Archaeology,” Michael Cremo reveals hundreds of archaeological artefacts are stashed away in museum vaults, hidden from the public.

Cremo’s findings prove the official history of mankind is a sham.

There are also theories to suggest a group of seafaring peoples we know today as the Phoenicians and hailed from the Middle-East sailed the world.

It is likely they are responsible for teaching the survivors of the great flood knowledge of arts and sciences that enabled mankind to rebuild civilisations.

Megalithic stones in Britain, Europe, the Pacific Ocean and Easter Island among others allude to an advanced race of peoples travelled around the earth in the ancient past.

So did giants exist thousands of years ago and if so, who were they and where did they come from?

You can learn more about Nazca and other ancient mysteries of Peru in my book, Journey’s To Ancient Worlds: What Modern Man Can Learn From Ancient Civilisations

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