How Disconnected From The Self Are We?

And how long will it be before we are robots?

dew drop of saturn
Image credit: Nasa

The other day, I was talking with my business partner and he told me a story about his childhood.

“When I was 14,” Aaron said, “I was sitting on a bus staring out the window at the trees and fields when I had this overwhelming experience. I felt a surge of happiness.” This was unusual for Aaron because he was a miserable child.

“It was like being on ecstasy before I had even tried ecstasy,” he said.

Aaron still gets these bouts of pure joy whenever he is “detached from the corporate world and in a scene of natural beauty.”

To me, the experience Aaron described was akin to a spiritual experience. But in reality, it was a natural experience.

Because nature is our true self. Nature is the core of our essence. It is the plug with which we we connect with our spirit.

Yet we are becoming more detached from nature, and more disconnected with our true selves. Trapped inside the human mind we can be controlled.

The level of control is reaching dangerous levels for us and all the signs indicate things are about to get worse.

Kids don’t play outside anymore. They are too absorbed with consoles, mobile devices, social media and surfing the net.

Children in the park playing on mobile phones

Despite technology making us more “connected” than ever before, smartphones, social media and the internet of things is disconnecting us from our true selves. And from one another.

Studies in the field of psychology reveal social networking in the virtual world makes us lonelier. As a consequence, we are becoming mentally and physically ill, not to mention narcissistic and pumped with social stigmas.

Social media may extend our network of friends and give us the [false] impression we are better connected, but as our connections become wider, they also become shallower.

And so do we!

For all the good technology does for mankind as a species, it is equally harmful to us as individuals. If we persist in following our current course, mankind is in danger of becoming controlled with technology.

 Microchip implants

Mainstream media reports that every citizen of the United States will be implanted with the RFID Microchip in 2017.

However the story was only reported by NBC in the papers “Conspiracy Club” column, which suggests any government sanction to order US citizen’s to become part cyborg is merely adding coal to the fire.

For now at least!

It is not too far stretched to suggest the microchip report was published to canvas public opinion so the tyrants can schedule a realistic time frame to systematically phase them in.

Phase One has already begun on humans. The UK government recently started using dogs as trial bait.

But the majority of people are not quite ready for microchip implants just yet. We need a little more time. But how much more time do we realistically have?

Generation X are not tech savvy enough to be fooled by the political bullshit and there is too much resistance from Generation Y – although ignorant parents in both groups will fall for the propaganda and permit their children to be implanted.

But it’s the younger generations that will permit it to happen. Studies into the use of social media activity confirm Millennials are using Facebook and Twitter etc, an average of two hours a day and teenagers an average of three hours a day.

These age groups have been raised into a world of surveillance. Being watched is second nature to them already they don’t even realise Big Brother is watching. We are edging closer to becoming cyborgs.

Furthermore, mainstream media are fleshing out the pros for microchips; to track terrorists and protect children from abduction are the main lines.

The good old BBC – the British Bullshit Corporation – suggests microchip implants will be cool and convenient for everyday life.

Vice Media also put a positive spin on micro implants – despite reporting a chip has been developed that can control our fucking minds!

A corporate controlled mind

I would edge a bet that the RFID microchip will be more effective than TV or social media could ever dream of in telling us how to think.

And current tools are not doing a bad job – just look around you and count how many people have got their head buried in a smartphone screen and believe the crap they report through state tyrant controlled media channels.

Corporate robots

I find it remarkable that billions of people are still so deep in slumber land they still vote. My mother is one of them. Her reasoning for voting is “because I have a right to.”

She believes that crap even though she knows politicians lie to her. Yet she wouldn’t believe her own son when I told that by voting she gives somebody else the right to make decisions for her and the rest of the country.

And the decision coming out of the Houses of Parliament systematically subjugate the population and strip our rights away. So well done every that voted for that.

Earlier this year I was in a country I cannot name because their government made me sign a declaration that prevented me from publishing anything about the country.

There’s a denial of liberty right there. An illegal one. The Human Rights Act says I have the freedom of speech, except that right is only in theory, not in practice.

Whilst I was in this country that I am not allowed to mention, I needed to use an internet. The one in my hotel was “broken,” although I actually suspect it didn’t actually exist.

I went across to the neighbouring hotel as they advertised a business centre on the side of the building. They had a functioning wi-fi but refused me permission to use it because it was “only guests of the hotel are allowed to use wi-fi.”

First of all, this is a terrible company policy. Secondly, when I explained to the receptionist that I had to work and could not find wi-fi anywhere else in the town, he just shrugged and said, “sorry.”

This man is a good example of corporate slave. As a result I lost two days worth of work and three clients.

And things are about to get worse. We are entering a phase in the history of mankind whereby we will evolve from corporate slaves to become corporate robots

The technology is already there. The next step is for corporations and governments to convince the world population that RFID implants are a good thing. And they will.

Because as a race we are being groomed to believe it. Education and the media do a great job of mind control, but microchips take mind abduction to the next level.

If we do not take control of our own lives, they will be controlled by corporations and banks that convince us to consume. We are labelled as consumers yet it is us that are being consumed.

Rather than connecting to friends you will never meet in the virtual space, connect with your true friends in the physical world. But most importantly, connect with your true self before it is too late.







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