The Hidden Meaning in the Pepsi Logo

Later this year, I will be offering online symbolism courses. The first course takes a look at the hidden meanings in corporate logos. To give you an insight into the symbolism course and corporate logos as a whole, you may be interested in this snippet:

What does the Pepsi logo really mean?

2008 Pepsi Logo

Pepsi’s logo cost $1m to redesign. A document released by the branding company that designed Pepsi’s current logo reveals their inspiration tapped into several streams of ancient wisdom including Feng Shui, the Parthenon, Pythagoras geo-dynamics and the Golden Ratio.

Even the companies Wikipedia page explains the Pepsi Globe represents ‘the human body, Vitruvian principles, Chinese art of placement and spatial.’ The overall design is a representation of ‘The Earth.’

‘The swirling horizontal stripe running through the center of the globe provides a visual representation of the earth’s constant movement around its own axis and around the sun. The stripe also represents a naturally occurring electric generator in fluid motion generating and sustaining the magnetic field of the Earth.’

The official explanation given for the Pepsi logo is actually more accurate than most corporations. Nike’s for example is flimsy at best and, well pathetic. The explanation for AT&T is boardroom bullshit.

Symbolic meaning of Globes

In esoteric symbolism, globes represent the seven body chakras. By their own admission Pepsi say their logo represents Earth, which is symbolic for the human body and mind.

In the Secret Doctrine, Helena Blavatsky wrote:

“The Globe, propelled onward by the Spirit of the Earth and his six assistants, gets all its vital forces, life, and powers through the medium of the seven planetary Dhyanis from the Spirit of the Sun. They are his messengers of Light and Life.”

The ‘Spirit of the Earth’ is referring to the crown chakra through which we receive information from the collective unconscious. His six assistants are the other body chakras. But energy centres are both physical and spiritual.



It is the chakra system that the electromagnetic energy around us passes through. It affects how we physically feel (aches and pains) and eventually manifest as our reality. This is the esoteric secret the elite rulers don’t want the rest of us to know – because if we did, we would all be their equals and they would have no control or power over us.


In relation to the human body, the Pepsi ‘Globe’, plays on emotions, passions and appetites. This concept is enhanced by using the colour red which targets instinctive buyers that are stimulated by their physical senses.

The current Pepsi logo designed in 2008 is said to be ‘smiling.’ Given the damage soda causes to the body you could say the Pepsi logo is the smiling assassin.


The types of food and drink we consume effect our energy centres, and with the amount of sugar that goes into fizzy drinks, downing a can of Pepsi will no doubt cause an energy imbalance. Experts say drinking soda is the leading cause of obesity and contributes to increased risk of cardiovascular issues and diabetes.

Furthermore, Plato connected the solar plexus chakra with the Appetitive Soul – the source of appetite and desire. The Appetitive Soul, and the solar plexus chakra, is responsible for providing us with the energy to digest food – a process called pepsis. Even the company name is based on physical aspects of the body. But what is Pepsi actually doing to your digestive metabolism?

If you are interested in learning more about the meanings of corporate logos and esoteric symbolism in general, contact me for more information about the courses I will be offering.

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