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Master Mind Content uses ancient wisdom and symbolism to help you understand how the power of the unconscious mind can heal, find inner peace and manifest your desires. With visual aids and a new way of looking at ancient myths, you will learn the mysterious secrets to life.

Yin Yang And The Five Elements of Tao

Later this month, I will be launching a brand new website and offering courses and classes in ancient symbolism. The example below is a sneak-peek at a course on religious symbolism in which science and religion lock arms in perfect union.

If you would like to know more about the ancient wisdom concealed in symbolism, contact Master Mind Content for more information about our courses.


Yin Yang – The duality of mankind

Scientists have demonstrated that everything is made of energy; atoms and matter. Our bodies are made from the same elements that float around the Universe and also attracts and emits the flow of electromagnetic energy in the atmosphere.

Yin Yang symbol of Taoism

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What Is Reincarnation Really..?

Probably Not What You Think…

What is reincarnation?

Some time ago, I was reading a book. I vividly remember where I was; sitting on the bed in a rented apartment overlooking Bramall Lane, the football ground which is home to Sheffield United.

I cannot recall the name of the book I was reading, nor the author, but what I do remember is it had a section on reincarnation. At the time, I remember thinking the idea of reincarnation is, ‘a load of bollocks.’  Continue reading What Is Reincarnation Really..?

Meditations: The Essenes Way

Who Were The Essenes?

The Essenes were an illuminated people that were lost to history for more than 2000 years. It was not until the discovery of the first Dead Sea Scrolls around the West Bank of the Jordan River in 1946 that this culture resurfaced.


It is believed the Essenes were a private cult. They were an ascetic Jewish sect living in remote communities detached from the distraction of bustling cities. Continue reading Meditations: The Essenes Way

How To Use Meditation To Reprogram Your Mind

Wouldn’t it be great if you could change your habitual thinking and bad habits? You know, those moments when you know you shouldn’t do something, but you do it anyway.

Reprogramming the mind

The reason you do that is because your mind is programmed to follow habitual patterns. The voice in your head saying, “go on, it’s okay,” comes from the sub-conscious part of your unconscious mind. This is your shadow self, what Sigmund Freud called the id.

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The 12 Jungian Personality Archetypes: Which Ones Are You?

The human mind is complex. With the help of neuroscientists, modern psychology is still trying to work out how the mind and consciousness works. But we don’t seem to be any closer to understanding than Sigmund Freud or Carl G. Jung.

Jungian archetypes

Jung’s theories have largely been dismissed as pseudo-philosophy because of their mystical nature. He agreed with ancient wisdom that said there is only the one True Self. Until we discover that Truth, we have a split personality disorder.

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