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Neurosplasticity: Is It Time To Change Your Mind?

Did you know it’s possible to change your mind?

You’re probably thinking, “Yes, my girlfriend does it all the time just to confuse me.” Haha, yes, but that’s not what I mean. I am talking about changing habitual patterns of thinking so that you react differently to situations.

You can learn how to stay in control of your emotions!

The expanded mind of the cosmos

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Negative Thinking Can Lead To Illness

Mastering the habitual mind and escaping the Nocebo Effect

Negative thinking is not a sign of depression – it is a natural thought process indoctrinated into our habitual way of thinking.

External factors play on our thoughts and emotions which can often generate ill-feelings and unhealthy ideas.

The most powerful influences that infiltrate our perceptions on a daily basis are media stories designed to spread fear, together with politics and religion that evoke antagonism and anger.

Media mind games designed to fill you with fear
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The information we are fed through authoritative channel we are supposed to trust actually makes us delusional. Many of us do not realise this on the principle that it is ‘normal.’

That’s because much of our conditioning stems from childhood; our parents, social stigmas, peer pressure and an inept education system. We become so accustomed to “how things are” that we become ignorant and blind to what is really happening behind the veil.

As we mature and settle into adulthood, feelings of worry, anger, jealousy, hate, resentment, guilt and other negative thoughts are often part of our emotional make-up.

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