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What Is Reincarnation Really..?

Probably Not What You Think…

What is reincarnation?

Some time ago, I was reading a book. I vividly remember where I was; sitting on the bed in a rented apartment overlooking Bramall Lane, the football ground which is home to Sheffield United.

I cannot recall the name of the book I was reading, nor the author, but what I do remember is it had a section on reincarnation. At the time, I remember thinking the idea of reincarnation is, ‘a load of bollocks.’  Continue reading What Is Reincarnation Really..?

The True Meaning of the Swastika

There is a time in history which radically altered the perception of the swastika. You know the time I am referring to.

Swastika - a symbol of good fortune and prosperity

Until the Swastika became synonymous with fascism, death and destruction, it was revered in by Hindus and Buddhists as a symbol of austerity. The symbol of the sun is still proudly displayed in many parts of Asia. Continue reading The True Meaning of the Swastika

Decoding The Ancient Ruins of Lopburi, Thailand

Interpreting ancient symbolism at Phra Prang Sam Yod

Travellers meandering through Thailand might want to check out Lopburi. Or maybe not. There’s not much there other than ancient Khmer ruins riddled with monkeys.

Located around 150 kilometres north-east of Bangkok, Lopburi is only a couple of hours along the track and a pleasant train journey through the Thai countryside.

Monkey in LopBuri

Most visitors (probably) come here to see the Monkeys. And why not. The furry little darlings jump on cars, steal sunhats, shades and bags, and generally harass people.

A sign reads: Don’t open the window. Beware the Monkey come in. Continue reading Decoding The Ancient Ruins of Lopburi, Thailand

Esoteric Symbolism in Buddha Park explained

25km south-east of the Laos capital, Vientiane, is Buddha Park, a collection of curious sculptures featuring over 400 stone carvings inspired by Hindu mythology.

Built in 1958, by a Hindu-Buddhist monk, Luang Pu Bunleua Sulitat, Buddha Park is a fascinating insight to esoteric symbolism. Here I will glide over some of the highlights, but you will find more in my book Journey’s To Ancient Worlds: The Search For Truth which will be published later this year. Continue reading Esoteric Symbolism in Buddha Park explained