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The Curious Case of the Stanton Drew Stone Circle

The Ancient Megalithic Stones near Bristol not even the locals have heard of!

Historians have found archaeological evidence of human remains in Bristol that date back some 250,000BCE to 400,000BCE. This period is the very early years of the so-called “Stone-Age.”

Stanton Drew To be fair, the ancients of this period were using a lot of stone. However, we are not entirely sure what they were using these mysterious stone structures for. Perhaps Stanton Drew offers some answers…

The south-west England is a hot-bed for lower Palaeolithic finds although little is known about the peoples that lived here.

Stanton Drew is situated just seven miles south of Bristol and is the second largest megalithic stone circle in Britain after Avebury. In 1982, Stanton Drew was listed as a “scheduled monument” – meaning it is of national importance and cannot be changed. Continue reading The Curious Case of the Stanton Drew Stone Circle