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How To Use Meditation To Reprogram Your Mind

Wouldn’t it be great if you could change your habitual thinking and bad habits? You know, those moments when you know you shouldn’t do something, but you do it anyway.

Reprogramming the mind

The reason you do that is because your mind is programmed to follow habitual patterns. The voice in your head saying, “go on, it’s okay,” comes from the sub-conscious part of your unconscious mind. This is your shadow self, what Sigmund Freud called the id.

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Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy

Edmund Jacobson was an American physician, psychiatrist and physiologist. In the early 1920’s, he began experimenting with ways to relieve anxiety by tensing and relaxing the muscles.

The results were published in his 1929 book, “Progressive Relaxation” which was subsequently edited for a mainstream audience and released under the title, “You Must Relax” in 1934. Continue reading Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy

Can Meditation Reduce The Risk Of Alzheimer’s?

High Blood Pressure Linked With Alzheimer Disease

A new study published by the American Heart Association has found that high blood pressure increases the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s.

15% of people over 65 suffer dementia

Given the intensity of the modern world, and the pressure on workers to perform in their jobs, support a family and function in social circles, hypertension is a common problem. Continue reading Can Meditation Reduce The Risk Of Alzheimer’s?

The 12 Chakra System

Most people are familiar with the seven body chakras, that run up the spine. But Ayurveda yogis say there are a further five chakras outside the body and beyond which we can tap into and use for advanced healing. There are actually 22 chakras, but for now we are just going to concentrate on the vital 12 energy centres.

12 Chakra system
There are five outer body chakras that connect us with the Higher Self

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Sacral Chakra Meditation

Porto Alegre sunsetThe sacral chakra, also known as the spleen chakra represents the element of water and regulates emotional and sexual impulses together with creativity and your ability to develop social skills.

Located between the groin and the belly-button, the spleen chakra is the second of the seven primary energy centres and is associated with the colour orange.

In Sanskrit, the sacral chakra is called Svadhishthana – the dwelling place of the self. Regarded as the creative energy centre, it is from here that we give birth to passions, ambitions and dreams. Continue reading Sacral Chakra Meditation