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Daniel Buren’s Metaphysical Creation: Talking Art In Naples

Symbolic Meanings At The Madre Museum, Napoli

Naples is a city of opposites. At first glance, the ancient ‘Neapolis’ appears to be gritty, chaotic, and for some, a little unsettling. But when you get close enough to tickle her underbelly, she is attractive, charming and friendly.

Daniel Buren exhibition, Made Museum, Napoli, Italy

It seems apt that the enigmatic Italian port should be chosen for Daniel Buren’s latest masterpiece, “Come Un Gioco da Bambini Lavoro in Situ.” The exhibition reflects duality and explains how to create a new you. Continue reading Daniel Buren’s Metaphysical Creation: Talking Art In Naples

Was St. Francis of Assisi on Drugs?

“It is by dying that one awakens to Eternal Life.” – Saint Francis of Assisi

Psychedelic Drugs in Medieval Italy: The Gateway To God

On a recent holiday in Ischia, a charming island off the coast of Naples in Italy, I visited Castello Aragonese and found something that came as a surprise. It appears that some orders of Christian monks and nuns use mind altering drugs to achieve higher states of consciousness.

Aragon Castle, Ischia

Before we get into my discovery in more detail, I want to briefly highlight how psychotic substances have been used since ancient times to cure mental and physical illnesses together with attaining spiritual goals.

During my Journey’s To Ancient Worlds in South America, it became evident our ancient ancestors were heavily into psychedelic drugs. Pipes, vessels like those used in chemistry, pots and metal spoons all appear to have served the purpose for making and taking hallucinogenic substances. They even carved images of hallucinogenic plants into sacred monuments. Continue reading Was St. Francis of Assisi on Drugs?