Peru Mysteries: Caral Rewrites the History Books

CaralArchaeological evidence continues to surface and change the course of history as told by mainstream scientists; that is to say it goes against the grain of what historians believe is true based on evidence dug up in the past. A prime example can be found at Caral in Peru.

Up until the discovery of the Caral Pyramids in 2000, it was believed the oldest civilisation in the Andes was the Chavin who thrived from around 900 BCE. Caral, reset the historical records back by about 2000 years. Continue reading Peru Mysteries: Caral Rewrites the History Books

Split Personality: Exploring Alternate Dimensions

The idea of parallel universes is a complicated hypothesis that cannot be proven until you experience it first-hand. Personally I have not, but have met several people who claim to have had profound experiences in alternate dimensions.

Having interviewed several such individuals, I have no reason to doubt what they told me is true. You can generally sense when someone is not speaking the truth as their voice and demeanour give an indication they are spinning a tale. During my encounters I did not detect any wool over my eyes. Continue reading Split Personality: Exploring Alternate Dimensions

Undiscovered Peru: Cahuachi Pyramids

Excavations continueThe Cahuachi Pyramids in the Nasca plateau are thought to be the remains of the most important settlement in Nasca culture. Believed to have been built around 2000 years ago and spanning 370 acres of sandy waste ground, the former religious site is the biggest known ceremonial complex to be made out of clay.

The size of the settlement indicates how advanced and influential the Nasca were in ancient Andean culture, but today, the partially excavated site does not portray the story of the regions prominence. The dry, arid desert does little to inspire the imagination. Continue reading Undiscovered Peru: Cahuachi Pyramids

Hopelessness and Hostility Cause Heart Disease

New survey links negative thinking with the world’s number one killer

The World Health Organisation shows that heart disease is the number one killer on the planet. Yet the biggest cause of heart disease could actually be your own mind. Clinical tests determine that negative thoughts can have an adverse impact on your health and increases the risk of heart disease, and it all stems from feeling hopeless.

indexThe majority of people do not realise the human mind is programmed – and in many cases the negative programming is holding you back. Everything you experience in life becomes a part of your psychological makeup and perception of the world. This programming has a major influence in the ways you act, feel and think. The problem is, your mind is often downloaded with negative ideas. Continue reading Hopelessness and Hostility Cause Heart Disease

Copacabana and the Isla Del Sol

CopacabanaThe Isla del Sol (The Sun Island) was not on my original itinerary. I’d briefly researched the island and Cocacabana and decided against it. It was Eve who changed my mind, an English woman living in Bolivia I met on a bus in Santa Cruz.

Legend states the first Inca King, Manco Capac was born on the Island and because of that was regarded as the most sacred site for the Inca. I felt compelled to go. Continue reading Copacabana and the Isla Del Sol

The Secrets of Symbolism