Understand Symbols And You Can Change Your Life!

Number and symbols are all around us. Furthermore, they have hidden messages you can interpret to help you understand the mysterious workings of the Universe that intrinsically effects your life.

Believe it or not, but symbols and numbers are the keys to decoding the ‘secret’ of life.

! In fact, understanding symbolism is the most important information you can acquire !

Esoteric symbolism is often associated with Freemasonry and other secret societies. Oh yes, and Satan! The word ‘occult’ has subsequently been tarnished with a bad reputation, ironically by a religious authority responsible for the death and torture of millions.

Unbeknownst to most people, these same ‘occult’ symbols are also found in ancient ruins, temples, monuments, company logos, bullion coins, bank notes, and civic buildings such as banks, theatres, schools and public spaces.

Oh yes, and the churches of said religious authority that trashed esoteric symbolism as devil worship.

8-pointed star in Vatican
This two crossing squares to make an 8-pointed star on the floor of the Vatican is also used in ‘occult’ symbolism

So either everything around us is evil, or the symbols are there to serve a purpose. And once you understand how symbols relate to the human psyche, biological system and cosmic energies, you will find they can be used in extremely positive ways.

Finding symbols

Symbols and numbers represent both positive and negative aspects of your mind, your emotions, personality traits and consciousness. Esoteric refers to the inner-self. Occult simply means ‘hidden’.

By understanding of symbolism in ancient myths and religious texts, you will come to learn how the mind and body work together with energy, consciousness and the inner-self, your intuition.

When you first become aware of symbols and numbers, you will probably notice the same symbols keep appearing. If you don’t notice numbers and symbols start now and you will find them everywhere.

Take note of the symbols you notice the most as these are the cosmic energies that are pulling you in. It is the Universe trying to communicate with you. Then find out what the symbol is and what it means…

…which you can do on this blog 🙂

Symbols are multi-layered and have various meanings, but after years of research I have learned how to break them down and decode their true value.

The same meanings can be found in several symbols. The sages that devised the system had to disguise the true meanings – some say so that authorities did not murder them for teaching the secrets of life, but probably because they wanted the secrets to remain hidden from the general public…

…if everybody understands these secrets, the authorities would not be able to control us. Given the same ancient symbols can be found on the palaces, churches and government buildings, they are most definitely aware the ancient art exists.

Throughout this blog, I will do my best to try and explain what symbols and numbers mean so that you can explore and apply the meanings to your own life.

However, you should only use information I give you as a guide to help you, not as confirmation this is what you must do. You need to learn how to make numbers and symbols work for yourself as there can be multiple possibilities depending on your personal circumstance, experience and past.

But essentially, esoteric symbolism can be used to discover your True self. Before you can do that however, you need to know something about psychology. The best way to help yourself is by knowing how the higher conscious mind and the subconscious mind  work with the ego.

Understanding the subconscious mind

By understanding how your mind works, you will have more control over your life. Ultimately you can develop the ability to manifest the things you most desire. It’s an exciting thought isn’t it?

However, I must warn you: for many people the transition is not easy and quite often the discovery of Truth can be disturbing. It all depends what at what stage of conscious awareness you are right now and how much you are prepared to change.

For example, if you still vote and trust in government, the media, church, God and other so-called authorities, the Truth is going to rock your world like an seismic Earthquake! If you are attached to material possessions and blinded by the illusion, waking up to the Truth could hurt.

Unveiling the mask


The disruption depends on how consciously awake you are to reality. The first shocking truth you must overcome is to realise the material world we live in is an illusion created by the ruling classes to imprison your body, mind and soul – or if you like, your “Holy Trinity.”

But all this knowledge is a “conspiracy theory” I will leave for others to explain. Thrive is a good place to start as they also provide in-depth research which CAN be trusted and offer positive solutions.

In his book “The Power of the Sub-Conscious Mind” psycho-analyst, Dr Joseph Murphy explains everything that manifests in your life is a result of how you think. Your conscious mind feeds the subconscious mind information and the subconscious mind manifest those thoughts into reality.

In a similar vein, ancient myth explains that we are also influenced by our higher conscious mind. New thoughts come from our higher conscious which is why they are often dismissed. We do not trust them, or we are too afraid to step beyond our comfort zone to explore new ideas.

Correct me if I am wrong: you have had a eureka moment right? An experience when an idea comes into your head and you know that is the thing to do, or you are searching for an answer and it suddenly appears as if from nowhere? This is the work of your higher conscious.

Therefore it is important to take control of your thoughts, emotions and actions, calm the mind and learn to recognise the messages you receive. You can only do this by having a conscious awareness of how you think, act and feel.

The ancients understood this. On the temple walls at Delphi where the great Oracle resided are the words “Know thyself.” The Greek playwright, Euripides wrote, “the ills of mortals are of their own seeking.”

Buddha also said, “Each of us is a God.  Each of us knows all.  We need only open our minds to hear our own wisdom.” Hermes Trismegistus, whom Hermeticism is attributed with said, “If then you do not make yourself equal to God, you cannot apprehend God; for like is known by like.”

The cosmic laws of nature

The ancient word for Lord is law – or more precisely, the law of nature. You cannot change the cosmic laws, so learn to work with them or suffer the consequences.

Given you are a part of nature which originates from the divine source of consciousness, it is possible to develop the ability to control your own destiny. The lord – or law – is your consciousness.

And this is why you need to know how your mind works!

If you are religious and believe in a God, do not forsake your faith, but understand that the God you worship is within you., but you are in control of your destiny and not some outside projection we call God. You can be God if you choose to be. People that understand this refer to God as the ‘Higher Self.’

The problem with this notion is most people do not trust themselves. Because of the mistakes we typically make. We subsequently fear we will not be able to overcome the challenges we face.

If you accept that you will makes mistakes you will not fear making them, but only on one condition – that you learn from the mistakes you make.

Understanding the hidden meanings of symbolism help you to do this.

Life is a journey and the path leads you back to your true self, the source of your creation. Of all creation. Numbers and symbols are there to teach you, remind you and guide you back towards your goal.

And you can use symbols to reach goals in every aspect of your life, big or small.

Trust your intuition

The fundamental key to learning is to trust your intuition. When you have a problem in your life that you need solving, find a quiet place to sit and ask yourself the question by using the ancient technique of thought language.

Meditation is contemplation

This involves asking your self a question and waiting for the answers. Sometimes they come during the meditation session if you are fully focused. If not, they will appear in another form, like opening a book or a webpage and finding inspiration.

Your God-consciousness will answer either by a thought or by a sign that will help you realise the Truth – Plato’s ‘innate ideas’. The answer may not come immediately, but if you trust it to come, it will come. Often the answer can be found in symbols.

The famous Greek philosopher, Plato, wrote that you already know all the answers to life’s questions, you just haven’t realised them yet. Remember this, it will serve you well on the path to discovering your True Self.

Once you learn to understand what symbols and numbers mean, you can benefit from them by trusting your intuition and taking on board and acting upon the messages they give you.

A final word on symbols and numbers

Over the centuries, every civilisation has developed a system of symbolism and numerology. Subsequently, the same symbols are given slightly different meanings from one religion to the next, but there is often some cross over in the interpretation and the fundamental core has the same meaning.

During my research, I have discovered that modern day practitioners of symbolism and numerology adopt different methods to reach the same end. This would be fine if the results are the same despite going about it in different ways. The problem is the results are not the same.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that the ancient wisdom has been scrambled by religions and modern day secret societies such as the Freemasons. Many people think the freemasons are dangerous, but most are just normal people, deluded as the rest of us. Given a lot of freemasons are in the police force says it all really.

The point I want to make here is that a lot of information you will come across whilst reading about occult wisdom will not be the full facts – not even on this website, although I do my best to research widely and bring the pieces together.

The best advice I can give you in your process of self-realisation is to trust your intuition! If something doesn’t feel right for you, then keep searching. The Truth comes from within you, and only you.

From personal experience, I have come to learn that symbols will help you understand your inner-self and subsequently help improve your life piece by piece until you find peace.

So good luck my friend – enjoy the ride!

Learn the meanings of esoteric symbolism and numbers




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