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The 12 Jungian Personality Archetypes: Which Ones Are You?

The human mind is complex. With the help of neuroscientists, modern psychology is still trying to work out how the mind and consciousness works. But we don’t seem to be any closer to understanding than Sigmund Freud or Carl G. Jung.

Jungian archetypes

Jung’s theories have largely been dismissed as pseudo-philosophy because of their mystical nature. He agreed with ancient wisdom that said there is only the one True Self. Until we discover that Truth, we have a split personality disorder.

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The Six Realms of Existence in Buddhism

Heaven and Hell in the Minds of Men

Early Buddhist writers created a system that explains the realms of existence; heaven, hell and everything in between.

Michael Angelo's Last Judgement
Michael Angelo’s Last Judgement

The concept has been interpreted literally by some commentators so that people become transfixed with the idea of reincarnation.

Yet this is a short-sighted view of people with little imagination or understanding of life. When you can be so easily persuaded along the path of religious dogma, you are already dead to the world!

But let’s not go there!

It is not for me to knock people for their beliefs, especially when there is clinical evidence to support reincarnation. Just because I haven’t had a past life regression, it does not mean I have not had a past life.

And I am open minded enough not to dismiss reincarnation. But my eyes are also open to how myths and concepts can be interpreted without stepping in religious dog-muck. Continue reading The Six Realms of Existence in Buddhism

Hopelessness and Hostility Cause Heart Disease

New survey links negative thinking with the world’s number one killer

The World Health Organisation shows that heart disease is the number one killer on the planet. Yet the biggest cause of heart disease could actually be your own mind. Clinical tests determine that negative thoughts can have an adverse impact on your health and increases the risk of heart disease, and it all stems from feeling hopeless.

indexThe majority of people do not realise the human mind is programmed – and in many cases the negative programming is holding you back. Everything you experience in life becomes a part of your psychological makeup and perception of the world. This programming has a major influence in the ways you act, feel and think. The problem is, your mind is often downloaded with negative ideas. Continue reading Hopelessness and Hostility Cause Heart Disease