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The Magic In The Sequence of Seven – What Do Number Vibrations Mean?

Numbers are vibrations the ancients understood far better than we do!

Magic Seven
Image credit: Loren Javier

A couple of days ago, I received a thought download from the Ether. The numbers forty, thirty-three and seven came to me in quick flashes – thoughts popping into my head just like that.

After giving it some contemplation, I recognised a pattern emerging. The sequence of numbers when adding and subtracting seven stemming from thirty-three produced significant sacred numbers that consistently appear in ancient scripts and esoteric symbolism found in churches, temples and other buildings of importance.

Now, how do I explain this without sounding mad? Well, I can’t really so you will have to bear with me and go with the flow. Like Bruce Lee once said, “Be like water my friend.” Continue reading The Magic In The Sequence of Seven – What Do Number Vibrations Mean?

When Temples Talk: Symbolism in Wat Phra Mahathat, Thailand

Hindu Temples in Lopburi Speak in Numbers

When you study symbols and numbers in architecture, you find the same patterns repeating themselves everywhere. When you don’t study symbols and numbers, you don’t see anything.

I have lost count of the number of “educated” people that have told me the repetition is “just a coincidence.”

In architecture, I always find the numbers three, seven, 12 and 16. Eight and nine are often prevalent in symbols and altars, especially in Buddhism and Hinduism, and 19 pops up every now and again as well. The repetition of these specific numbers is not by coincidence, but sacred wisdom of our ancient ancestors.

And the knowledge is still prevalent among modern rulers today. You will find it in banks, memorials, palaces, stately homes, mansions, government buildings, company logos, advertising, films, pop videos, street lamps, parks, you name it. If it is designed by those in the know, it will feature sacred numbers.

Go to your local church, and I guarantee you will find sacred numbers in esoteric symbols. And it does not matter which religion you follow, or whereabouts you are in the world, the same numbers repeat themselves in every country and every religion. Continue reading When Temples Talk: Symbolism in Wat Phra Mahathat, Thailand

Decoding The Mystery Behind the Number Twenty-Three

The enigma of the number twenty-three has captured the imaginations of the public for decades. The mysterious number features repeatedly throughout history, is associated with the dates of births and deaths of significant figures, and has been the inspiration for artists of all disciplines.

23 painted on tree trunk
Photo credit: Stephan Mosel

As a fleeting insight: Julius Caesar is said to have been stabbed 23 times; the date given for William Shakespeare, some who believe was a pseudonym for occultist Francis Bacon, is the 23rd April, (the beginning of spring); Kurt Cobain was born in 1967 (1+9+6+7=23) and died in 1994 (1+9+9+4=23). Continue reading Decoding The Mystery Behind the Number Twenty-Three

The Esoteric Meaning of the Number 22

22 in bright red lights22 is a number you want to see recurring in your life. It is a master number of creation, the unseen architect that builds everyday ideals into your reality.

If you are not already seeing the number 22, or a sequence of these numbers such as 2.22, or £22.22, it is something you should strive for. You will not notice the two two’s until you have passed through the one-one stage though. Continue reading The Esoteric Meaning of the Number 22

The Symbolic Meaning of the Number 21

the number 21The number 21 is a deeply symbolic number that ultimately brings together the cosmic creation of the 20 with the individual – the one. Essentially the 21 is the manifestation resulting from the 20 in which the initiate must learn patience and develop a balanced mind.

We see this idea succinctly in the three and the seven, 7×3 of course equalling 21. The three is the sacred number of completion, the creation of the male and female energy and the symbolic meaning of the divine seven which determines whether the result is good or bad.

In the Bible, the 21 is associated with resurrection – death and rebirth. It is the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new mission. We see the same idea reflected in modern day traditions. When a person turns 21, they are said to have reached maturity and in the UK are given “the key of the door.”

In the Bible we see the 21 as a reflection of both good and bad. It is associated with sin and rebellion, but is also a representation of God and the Temple. There are 21 chapters in the book of Judges, a significant title given the 21 is when judgement is handed down.

The Symbolic Meaning of the Number 20

20 Euro note The number 20 is a universal number that encompasses all the energies of the planets and the cosmos. Fundamentally, it is a period of completion in which you must acquire patience and wait.

The German theologian and mystic, Jacob Boehme described the 20 as “belonging to the Devil”, but that being the case, the laws of duality dictates it is also the number belonging to God. The path you choose will determine the outcome of whether you experience Heaven or Hell.

If you choose the light, you will bide your time and engage in deep thought and analysis in order to make a balanced decision and an informed choice. Developing the gift of patience helps you to handle stress and anxiety whilst you wait. Continue reading The Symbolic Meaning of the Number 20

The Esoteric Meaning of the Number 19

19The number 19 is a card of enlightenment, represented by The Sun in the Tarot. In gematria 1+9 = 10 which is further reduced to 1+0 = 1, the number of new beginnings.

The difference between the 19 and the one however, is that you enter your new phase of life armed with knowledge, rather than entering into the unknown as The Fool whereby you wander into the unknown with no preparation.

The 19, like the ten, suggests you have a better understanding of your emotional state which you can use to achieve a new level of insight. Oftentimes the repetition of the number 19 in your life is accompanied with happiness and you feel energised.

From a negative point of view, the 19 represents you are going round in circles and making the same mistakes that make you unhappy and depressed. If you repeatedly see the 19 but do not feel any satisfaction with your circumstances, think about what you are doing wrong and fight to change your habitual mind.