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Tet New Year In Vietnam

Today is the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. I would like to wish all my Vietnamese friends, and especially my girlfriend, Kim and her family, all the best for the coming year.

Tet New Year in Vietnam

The ‘Tet’ New Year celebrates the first full moon of the New Year and celebrates the arrival of spring which brings with it new life.  In Vietnam, Tet is based on the Lunar calendar devised by the ancient Chinese. Continue reading Tet New Year In Vietnam

Vietnamese Philosophy

It is the Lunar New Year in Vietnam next week. Known locally as Tet, it is a time for giving gifts and wishing good fortune to your family and friends.

As a gesture of luck and appreciation, a good friend of mine gave me this charming gift – a Vietnamese philosophy written in traditional Vietnamese writing… (I have added the meaning in English!)


Traditional Vietnamese writing style


Happy New Year Vietnam! And thank you Kim!