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The world is here for us to explore, but is far too big to discover alone. That is why we have travel writers. As a freelance writer and researcher, I feel a duty to introduce you to the unexplored – not just lands, but the awe-inspiring mysteries of ancient civilisations the establishment fail to tell us about.I hope to provide you with inspiration and information for your next trip.

The information you find on this site will help you decode the secret messages the ancients carved into their temples and monuments for the benefit of future generations. You can find the same messages all over the world, even in your own village, town and city so you do not have to travel around the world to unearth this knowledge, although travelling is much more fun and mind-expanding.

When you do go travelling and visit awe-inspiring archaeological sites and museums, be sure to read this website to discover the fascinating information you can find carved into walls and statues. The meanings of ancient symbols are much more fascinating and important to your life than the superficial overview you will hear from guides and museums. They contain secret knowledge the masses are not supposed to know about – so get ahead of the rat race.

To get the low-down on inspirational travel destinations and learn about the phenomenal knowledge the ancients had, explore this site and take a peek in the Travel Category and the abundance of material translating alchemical symbolism. I promise you will find this information eye-opening, inspiring and motivating. You may even find it shocking and unbelievable, but that is your choice.

You can also discover unexplored destinations and the lesser known attractions of South America and Mexico in my book Journeys To Ancient Worlds: What Modern Man Can Learn From Ancient Civilisations available from Apple,  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu for just £3.99 (although prices vary depending on the distributor).


Journey's To Ancient World's book cover

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